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Rest is a promised gift from Papa (aka God). If you’re feeling restless, maybe it’s time to let down your sails and enjoy His sweet promises.

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Have you ever had those moments where something keeps showing up at the most random times? Same.

The word “rest” has continuously popped up and caught my attention recently. It literally means to be freed from activity and have peace of mind or spirit (according to Google).

Rest is a promised gift from Papa (aka God) to not only enjoy but to actively benefit from growing in that holy place.

The more I get to know Papa, the more I am comfortable with the fact that nothing “randomly” pops up. It’s typically a word, color, or sign that He will use to gently grab my attention. So when I saw this word “rest” for the upteenth time, I knew the Spirit was trying to give me a hint. It’s an intentional reminder in the most needed moments of chaos and uncertainty. 

Rest doesn’t always have to mean sleeping. Although, if I could get paid to snooze, this girl would be considered the ultimate Nap Queen. In a society where productivity is everything, pure rest gets a bad reputation. Why would we “stop to smell the roses” when we can check another box off of the dreaded to-do list?

When our Creator finished birthing the earth, He rested (Genesis 2:2-3). Taking a purposeful Sabbath is highly underrated. Yet it’s too rare we mindfully surrender our unchecked to-do list and instead focus on our “to-rest-in” list that He has prepared for us.

Here’s the deal. If you’re like me and have seasons where you’re so tired that you manually have to hold your eyelids open to stay awake or have no idea which way the Lord is wanting you to turn next…

Rest in knowing that He is King, Papa, and Shepherd.

Rest in walking in the freedom of simply being His daughter or son.

Rest with a peaceful exhale, comfortably protected in the shadow of His wings.

Rest in keeping your hands open for His blessings of inheritance as His daughter or son. 

Rest in worshiping the Magnificent Creator of each fire-burning, neon-orange sunset and every bird-chirping, hope-filled sunrise.

Rest in living according to His intentional purpose of this temporary home.

Rest in striving for all things heavenly and Spirit-breathed.

Rest in the very waves of the seas He made and the calmness of waters He commanded.

Rest in the uncertainty of the wilderness and the beauty of open pastures.

Rest in the crumbling walls of hardened hearts and the strengthening of discouraged ones.

Rest in the glory of His almighty Kingship and humility of His birthplace in a manger.

Rest in tasting the sweetness of His purity and the tender love of Fatherly discipline.

Rest in Him planting your feet on His cornerstone of solid rock and leading you beside the still waters. 

From this place of rest, we are able to see His goodness through the peace and protection He has intended for us all along. We can be rescued from, rest in, and rely on the living hope that each morning breathes.

This freedom doesn’t just have to always be around the corner or be intended for someone else. It’s for you and it’s for me in the midst of the thunder and lightning and rain.

We are allowed to dream big and ask for more of His goodness. Purity of heart in seeking your heavenly Dad’s inheritance is a major ingredient of what comes with being His daughter or son. Let what feels like fire and testing be a purifying season so that His Love is the satisfying source of Love in our hearts. Whatever does not bear good fruit does not belong in our hearts. Let the Farmer prune out the poison so that He may bring in new life.

His unfailing love is greater than what my flesh can fully swallow. Yet He doesn’t get discouraged by our brokenness because He can’t run out of this Love.

So if you’re feeling restless in a world that promotes a bandwagon of never-ending work, maybe it’s time to let down your sails. Maybe it’s time to let your mind, heart, and soul dock up and enjoy His sweet promises.

Lean into how He wants you to rest today. Take a nap. Go on a walk. Read a new book. Sit on the porch. Whatever rest looks like for you, thank Him for that.



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