As a follower of Jesus, I encourage you to step out in boldness, believe, and pray for someone who is sick.

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Do you know Jesus as our Healer?  I love The Chosen Series and specifically this scene as we see Jesus as the Healer.  That’s who He is.  He is the Great Physician. We have been told, “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick.”  Luke 5: 31


This video portrays Jesus healing a paralytic at the pool of Bethesda, this was a place where many positioned themselves hoping the waters would heal them.  Recalling the story, Jesus asks a very important question:  “Do you want to be healed or made well?”  When I first read it, it didn’t make sense to me or why that question would even be asked.  

Here’s what one commentary said:   “Do you want to be made well? This was a sincere question. Jesus knew that not every sick person wants to be healed, and that some are so discouraged that they put away all hope of being healed. Jesus dealt with a man who may have had his heart withered as well as his legs. Jesus therefore attempted to build the faith of this man.” 

Another commentary said this that I have never thought of:  “In this man’s particular case, it was reasonable to wonder if he really wanted to be healed. “An eastern beggar often loses a good living by being cured of his disease.” (Barclay) As bad as his current situation was, at least he was familiar with it.” 

I had worked in the medical field all of my life for which I am grateful. In my last position, I was positioned very strategically among folks who were sick and awaiting to receive testing in a hospital.  All around me were people who were needing physicians and needing treatments, some needing a miracle.  

I saw folks coming in who were unconscious, injured, and close to breathing their last breath. But I also saw some of those same ones sitting up days later awaiting testing very much alive, healed, and being restored.  Yes, God has given us medicine to aid in the healing process.  I am convinced and thankful of that!  


However, I am also fully convinced that Jesus is the Healer and is still our miracle-working God.  

As we read the Bible, there are numerous stories of people who received miracles and whose lives were completely restored. It was a large part of His work here on the earth.  

That’s why I included this video. It is one of those stories that science and medicine cannot explain.  

I’ve seen Jesus heal my father’s heart after he was in a coma for several weeks from cardiac arrest. I heard the words of the Jewish cardiologist say to me, “His heart should not be beating.  He has way too much blockage.” He looked at his chart with results and listened to his heartbeat through the stethoscope.  He then pulled down the stethoscope from his ears and said, “This is a miracle!”  

Those of you who work in the medical field, don’t hear this phrase very often from Physicians. I had a chance to witness to this cardiologist of Jesus, Yeshua,  being our Healer. His eyes and his ears did not lie to him.  He knew what he saw and heard in my father. Now it was time for His Father to show him who He is.  

So, if you have any doubt about Jesus being a healer, I leave you with this verse:  “Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, and preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing all manner of disease among the people.”  Matthew 4: 23 


He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  

What Jesus did while on the earth, He commissioned His followers to do the same. As a follower of Jesus, I encourage you to step out in boldness, believe, and pray for someone who is sick. You just might see His miracle-working power flow right through your hands.  We are told to “Lay our hands on the sick and they will recover.  Mark 16: 18  

He has told us as well, “I am the Lord that heals you.”  Exodus 15: 26  His name in Hebrew is Jehovah Rapha – The Lord who heals physical and emotional needs. Yes, He is not limited to physical illnesses but heals spiritual and emotional issues as well. Go and love on some people.  Step out,  pray and believe that God will do what He says He can do!   

He heals because He loves.





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