He Anoints My Head With Oil

If you’ve ever watched the grip of the Shepherd holding his sheep while pouring oil, it’s a very tight grip so the sheep don’t get away.

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Did you know the Shepherd has to pour oil on the sheep’s head to keep pests like flies, lice, and other insects from burrowing themselves in their wool, ears, noses or even brains?  Why?  It could be dangerous and deadly. The sheep will bang their heads, trying to get rid of the irritation, which would injure or kill them.

If you’ve ever watched the grip of the Shepherd holding his sheep while pouring oil, it’s a very tight grip so the sheep don’t get away.   It’s like he’s saying, “Receive and be still!” He knows how much damage an intruder could cause if they made a dwelling in their heads.  He understands the effect of a strong hold.  

What pesky lies have we listened to that have gone into our ear gates, nesting themselves, causing irritation, (leading to torment), almost to the point of promoting a head banging?

When God’s servants are anointed with oil it’s for a specific calling and purpose.  Oil is a sign of the Holy Spirit and for consecration for God.  Let’s not keep entertaining those lies that are trying to burrow themselves in our brains.  We have been anointed by God for the purposes of God, getting ready to receive His blessings that overflow.   All that God pours into us, will be poured out in abundance, first to us, then to those we are assigned to.

His anointing is for an appointing (appointment) that God has on His calendar.  If we keep banging our heads, rehearsing the same things over and over, we may miss an opportunity of being used to be poured out.  Our heads and hearts need to be in a position to listen and execute God’s assignments, not rehearse negative words and desert His tasks.  

Here’s what happened to David, when Samuel anointed him:  “As David stood there among his brothers, Samuel took the flask of olive oil he had bought and anointed David with the oil.  And the Spirit of the Lord came powerfully upon David from that day on.  1 Samuel 16: 13

It’s time to position ourselves with our Shepherd, recalling what He has promised, FROM THIS DAY ON!  Keep your calendars open, we may be called upon.  Many are calling out!

Keeping May Calendar Open,

Mary Beth Pecora

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