Hawaii is the Second State to Implement a Vaccine Passport

While New York and Hawaii will now have vaccine passport programs, several states oppose the vaccine certification saying they violate privacy or civil rights.

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The controversy over COVID-19 “vaccine passports” is becoming heated across the U.S. with some states embracing them and others banning them. Hawaii has just implemented a vaccine verification program, the second state to do so after New York.

Hawaii is now the second state in the US to create a Covid vaccine passport behind New York as they recently launched their “Excelsior Pass”. We also know that the Biden administration is working to develop its own. I’m sure that as the year continues we will continue to see more states in the US adopting this technology.

Meanwhile, CBN News recently reported that more than 1,200 Christian leaders in the UK wrote a letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson to not go ahead with plans to establish a vaccine passport warning that it could lead to a “two-tier society” and “medical apartheid”. They wrote,

This scheme has the potential to bring about the end of liberal democracy as we know it and to create a surveillance state in which the government uses technology to control certain aspects of citizens’ lives

In December I wrote about how a human rights group warned that this technology could lead us into a “Global Identity Document”, a similar fear that’s being raised by these Christian leaders.

I’ve made it clear numerous times that I believe what we’re seeing being brought to fruition today may be laying the groundwork for the mark of the beast system we read about in Revelation 13:16-17 that ultimately arises during the tribulation period.

With that being said, this is not the mark of the beast. From scripture, we’re clearly given the context as to when the mark of the beast will come to ultimate fruition – during the 7-year tribulation. Before the tribulation even starts, the antichrist must first be revealed and confirm a covenant for a “week” (7 years).

Until the “beast” himself shows up on the world stage, there will be no “mark of the beast”. However, as we see technology and systems that seem to resemble it become more prominent in our time, it should show us how close this portion of the bible is to being fulfilled, and even closer, the rapture of the church.


Hawaii Creates Vaccine Passport as AZ Gov. Bans Them: ‘Vaccination Is up to Each Individual, Not the Govt’

CBN News: The plan does not change anyone’s ability to travel and avoid quarantine by testing, as is currently required for trans-Pacific and inter-island travel, but adds another option for Hawaii residents who are 14 days past their final vaccination shot. People must have received their shots in the state to be eligible for the exemption.

Hawaii Gov. David Ige said the state hopes to add the option for trans-Pacific travelers this summer, but wants to test the program among island residents first.

The program will begin on May 11.  At the start, vaccination records will be checked manually by people at airports. Soon, travelers will be able to upload their verifications to a state website that is already being used for pre-travel testing.

While New York and Hawaii will now have vaccine passport programs, several states oppose the vaccine certification saying they violate privacy or civil rights.

Earlier this month, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed an executive order rejecting vaccine passports in his state. And Arizona’s governor has now joined that effort, using his executive powers to ban “vaccine passports,” calling it an encroachment on the private medical information of Arizona residents.

Gov. Doug Ducey signed an order Monday prohibiting any state or local agency from making coronavirus vaccine documentation a requirement to enter a business and receive service.

Businesses that are contracted by the state to serve the public also cannot make such a stipulation. Private businesses, health care providers, child care facilities, schools, and universities are exempt from the ban. Read More

Now I tell you before it comes, that when it does come to pass, you may believe that I am He.” (John 13:19)

For the believer in Christ, these are amazing times we’re living in as we see the world stage is being set up just as the bible says it will in the last days preceding Christ’s return. For us, it’s a time of hope as our redemption draws near, but for those yet saved, they lack the same hope and instead may find themselves living in fear as to what tomorrow may bring.

In Revelation 19:10 we’re told that the essence of bible prophecy is Jesus, “For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” My purpose in writing these articles in relation to bible prophecy is to express this truth to ultimately point you to Christ. Bible prophecy is not meant to scare but to prepare. These things were revealed to us so that we have confidence in God’s word and believe in Jesus (John 13:19).

If you have not placed your faith in Jesus’ finished work on the cross, I implore you to do so today (2 Corinthians 6:2)! The bible makes it clear that our life is like a vapor so tomorrow isn’t guaranteed for anyone (James 4:13-14). We’ve all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Psalm 51:5, Romans 3:23), and due to this, there’s nothing we can do to save ourselves or somehow work our way to heaven (Isaiah 64:6). Because God is Holy he must judge sin. The penalty of this sin is death and ultimately the Lake of Fire (Romans 6:23, Revelation 20:11-15).

But God, in His love has provided a way to escape his wrath through Christ (John 3:16-18, John 14:6). Jesus paid for our sin penalty by taking God’s wrath in our stead on the cross (Romans 5:8). He died for our sins, was buried, and rose again 3 days later (1 Corinthians 15:1-5). Although God offers humanity the gift of eternal life through the shed blood of his son, it’s our choice to either reject this gift and pay for the penalty of our sin ourselves or accept it by placing our trust in the one who’s already paid it all in full (Acts 16:30-31, Romans 6:23, Ephesians 2:8-9). Make sure you’ve made the right decision about Jesus today! It will be the most important decision of your life, for eternal life.



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