Have We Missed It? Or is God Right on Time?

I do believe God is coming with a vengeance becasue of the prayers and actions of the millions of believers around the world who have faithfully stood their ground for truth and righteousness and refused to give up.

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Numerous nationally recognized prophets have felt compelled to retract their prophecies concerning President Trump being reelected. I personally believe many of their initial revelations were correct. What’s being missed – by many of us – is the TIMING. It’s not just the dream, vision, or revelation that has to be weighed, but the interpretation and then the application. This is where we’ve been all over the map. We don’t tell time very well.

I still stand on the mounds of evidence that have been revealed to intercessors and unsuspecting believers around the world about His plans – for months and even years – and the evidence is overwhelming in what God is doing globally. He has not brought us through these past four years of advancement for Kingdom causes only to be totally erased in a single day (and that’s exactly what would happen). He’s not that cruel.

This is not about proving a few prophets “right.” It’s about the body of Christ properly discerning the Spirit’s work in this hour and standing in faith for Him to accomplish it. As I’ve shared before, the dates are not the priority. God is not bound to our timetables. But He IS bound to His word – and that’s what we need to stand on.

As one who has trained and mentored five-fold leaders for years, I can tell you that not every prophet is called to the same assignment. Just because someone has been commissioned as a prophet doesn’t mean they will have a definitive word about every issue (who wants that responsibility?!) I appeal to anyone who wants to cast stones – please don’t criticize any legitimate prophet of God who has a proven track record in years of ministry – just because of this one prophecy. This isn’t easy for ANY of us. We need to extend some grace. When it’s all said and done, all of us will be in shock and realize we each only saw IN PART.

As posted in my last video, I believe we must stay in the place of focused prayer for our president and those who are on the side of truth, righteousness, and liberty for this nation. Until January 20, ANYTHING can still happen!

One of my trusted prophetic intercessors, Deborah Perkins, shared this strategic word with me earlier this week (“REST, TRUST, AND PROPHESY HOPE”). She senses the 14 days between January 6 to January 20 are critical. The Lord led her to the story of Paul’s shipwreck in Acts 27-28. She states, “I believe this passage corresponds exactly to what will happen from January 6 – 20th, 2020. Paul’s ship to Italy was battered by storms for 14 days. The sailors were praying and fasting for survival, even after having fasted for the Day of Atonement.”

She describes the subsequent shipwreck (which I believe alludes to the man-made systems of greed and power that have been steering this nation off-course). She goes on to say, “…On the 14th night, the sailors took a sounding and found they were at 120 feet deep (a nod to the upper room story in Acts 1:15). The ship was approaching land and Paul prophesied again that none of them would lose a hair from their heads. They threw all man-made provisions overboard (a picture of a shift from relying on man to relying only on God). …All the men jumped overboard, USING THE PLANKS AND DEBRIS FROM THE BROKEN SHIP ITSELF to safely reach the shore. This passage is a clear picture of what is happening nationally. Just as Paul was rescued from prison by an angel, so our nation must rely on God’s strength, not man’s, for supernatural deliverance in this tumultuous time.”

Deborah and I believe this is a call to pray in this critical window of time before January 20. There are things happening in both the natural and in the spirit that we have no idea about. Many suggest military action is coming, and I personally wouldn’t be surprised if it does. Regardless of what takes place, I do believe God is coming with a vengeance BECAUSE of the prayers and actions of the millions of believers around the world who have faithfully stood their ground for truth and righteousness and refused to give up – even as the ship seems to be going down. Just as in my dream about this “unfolding drama,” the final curtain may seem to be falling, but there’s more to the story.

For those who have been feeling the “agony of defeat,” we have to face the uncomfortable truth that pain is a part of this process. Spiritual growth and comfort can never coexist. Let’s embrace the grieving, the mourning, and the heartache of misplaced expectations. Tears may endure for the night, but joy always comes in the morning! Hopes may seem to have died, but resurrection is coming, and God is ALWAYS ON TIME!




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