Halloween Isn’t Scary

The great Halloween debate among Christian parents is about to go down any minute now. Don’t be caught off guard as you’re casually scrolling through social media and, bam, you’re faced with the dilemma once again.

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The great Halloween debate among Christian parents is about to go down any minute now. Don’t be caught off guard as you’re casually scrolling through social media and, bam, you’re faced with the dilemma once again. You’ll be engrossed in the hundreds of comments on one mom’s picture of her best attempt at homemade costumes. Some congratulating her efforts while others ask that age-old question, “So you celebrate Halloween?”

The question might as well be “So you worship satan himself?” Because that’s surely how all the parents feel when their light-hearted farmer, fluffy cloud, or princess costumes become the topic of an all-out war between truly well-meaning friends

You’re probably curious about which side of the fence I’m on. But unfortunately for you, I’m riding that fence straight down the middle in the neutral zone where I feel it’s best we all camp out. In the ten years that I’ve had children in my home, we have jumped the fence many times. Until finally concluding that Halloween is neither here nor there for our family. It doesn’t have significance unless, of course, we find purpose in it. 

The best news that I could ever share in regard to Halloween is that the decision to participate (on whatever level) in this holiday’s festivities does not have to be made out of fear. 

The Bible says it best: 

“There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love” (1 John 4:18, NIV).

One of the enemy’s common tactics in keeping Christians bound in punishment and defeat is to talk us into believing we have something to fear. Whether it’s fear of the future, fear of death, or even fear of his counterfeit celebrations on All Hallow’s Eve, it’s all a hoax that deceives us into believing he has power. We all (including the enemy) know who has the real power here. 

And guess what happens if all the Christians are scared of kids dressed up in ghost costumes or witches’ hats? The one day of the year, when neighbors are coming out to mingle and actually ring each others’ doorbells, all the “lights” are shut up in their houses while they pray that no one comes to them because they don’t believe in this holiday. The Christians take their stance and forsake the opportunity to be a light in the dark, choosing solitude and judgment instead. 

Now to clear the air, you won’t ever catch my kids dressed up as devils, witches, or dead people. We’re not going to glorify the same things the enemy tries to use to scare people. And we’re certainly not going to make light of the fact that there are real people living under the influence of the enemy and practicing witchcraft and satanism. There is real darkness in our world every day of the year, and our best weapons against it are love and intercession (but that’s just this mom’s opinion). 

However, if you had been in our neighborhood last year, you would have spotted our family from blocks away (or heard us at least). We got creative with cardboard boxes and collectively became the best birthday party you’ve ever been to. We paraded around the neighborhood singing “Happy Birthday” too many times and blaring music from “Trolls” from our portable speaker. 

We drew closer to each other (something the enemy hates), we brought joy and love instead of judgment (something the enemy really hates), and we drew attention to how fun it is to love the Lord and choose light (you guessed it; he HATES that, too). 

So no matter what you decide to do this Halloween, don’t be scared of this holiday. Even if you don’t dress up or attend a festival, I encourage you to embrace the fact that you could see some of your neighbors for the first time. You could find an opportunity to pray for your tormented, sick, or disabled neighbors and bring healing to lives crying out for change (Mark 16:17-18, NIV). And you might just make the enemy really angry on the one night of the year he thinks he gets to be glorified. 


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