Growing in Wisdom

Mary treasured the words of her son, even though she and Joseph didn’t understand them.

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As a believer, we are called to grow in our faith. Even Jesus grew in wisdom and grace with the favor of God upon Him.

How could the favor not be on Him? He is God! This boy, at age twelve, visits the temple with His parents to observe the Passover. This was their usual custom.

As Mary and Joseph were going back home, they realized Jesus was not with them. How could they not realize He wasn’t there?  I am assuming, since it was Passover, the journey back home was with a large crowd, since many made the pilgrimage up to Jerusalem.

Frantically, they begin to search for Him. It was three days until they found Him.  Where did they find Him?  In the temple, sitting among Jewish teachers listening to them and asking questions. “Everyone who heard Him was amazed at his understanding and wisdom.” (Luke 2: 47)

  • The Holy Spirit’s wisdom is way beyond human wisdom.

There is something about these “three” days.   Later on in His life, it’s on the third day when Jesus is resurrected, the veil is torn in the temple, indicating no more separation. Hmmm.

When Mary and Joseph found Jesus in the temple, He was scolded like any other parent would have scolded their child who had gone missing. Mary responds like we would, saying, “WHY would you do this to us?” (Luke 2: 48)

Jesus answered, “WHY would you need to search for me? Didn’t you know that it was necessary for me to be here in my Father’s house, consumed with Him.” (Luke 2: 49)

The “why” question was being asked by His mother. The number twelve (his age)is a number denoting God’s perfect administration and our human alignment to it. Jesus was being aligned with His calling.  In the Jewish custom, a boy was being called a “son of the Law.”

When Jesus responded to His mother, He was pointing to His personal duty to His heavenly Father, not to the Law.

  • Being consumed with the Father is above the Law.

Jesus was fulfilling the Law (His dedication to God) not to any rule and regulation.  Mary treasured the words of her son, even though she and Joseph didn’t understand them. “Jesus grew in wisdom and stature and in the favor with God and with man.” (Luke 2: 52)

There are things in our life, in our relationship with God, that we will not understand. Mary cherished the deep revelations of Jesus and allowed Him to grow deeper in His understanding and revelations.

Even when we question “why” and don’t understand, there are deeper things being released as we grow. Jesus’ personal duty to His Father, God, was greater than His personal duty to man. He was not defying the obedience of honoring His father and mother, He just knew obedience to God, is greater, even when people do not understand.

  • Following His lead should always be a priority.

Part of the growing process is learning WHO and WHY we should answer TO first!

Taking His Lead,

Mary Beth Pecora

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