Greenville’s Role in a Prayer Movement

There is a huge prayer wave sweeping across North America, and these monthly Saturdays are just about fanning the flame of God.

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A spacious church, a set worship team, and an open mic available for prophecy and prayer.  A leadership team introduces a prayer topic, the musicians begin to play, and the congregation has the freedom to kneel, dance, pray in the Spirit, even sit with eyes closed with only prayer on their lips.

This is the Spirit-driven format of the Saturday afternoons that Greenville House of Prayer offers to its city once a month.

Curtis Carr, one of Greenville House of Prayer’s (GHOP) senior leaders, confirms there is a huge prayer wave sweeping across North America, and these monthly Saturdays are just about fanning the flame of God. “Every great movement of God is preceded by a great move of prayer,” he says.

Carr also shares that, while GHOP holds a loose affiliation to other prayer organizations like Kansas City’s IHOP, Greenville’s assembly was founded organically out of the “Lord’s desire for His church to be a house of prayer for all nations.” Since its establishment in May of 2007, GHOP has defined a ‘FUEL’ mission: fulfilling the Great Commission, uniting the body of Christ, exalting the name of Jesus, and loving God and loving people.

Other houses of prayer across America function as large-scale ministries, but as for right now, GHOP’s focus is to simply unite Greenville in vibrant prayer. Senior leaders welcome other churches to promote existing prayer gatherings and local prayer rooms. Periodically, GHOP will host various Bible studies, but its focus is always rooted in worship and prayer. Carr says, “If we connect with Him there, then we’ll thrive in other ministries.”

Currently, Abundant Life Church on Farrs Bridge Rd. hosts the monthly gatherings from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m with prayer topics assigned for each meeting. For more information on their worship topics, local associations, or times and dates of gatherings, visit their prayer calendar for details. Their website also allows financial contributions to be made, as all donations help facilitate Greenville House of Prayer’s mission.



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