Graham Cooke: A Man of Powerful Resting

From that moment in the field, Cooke’s life began to shift. He had accepted Christ and began learning about the Lord. His old ways were behind him, and he launched into an intimate walk with Jesus that would pave the way for his future ministry.

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To say that Graham Cooke is a powerhouse is an understatement. He’s like the perfect mix between a superhero and a carebear. He’s one of my favorite teachers to listen to. Cooke was born in Manchester, England and travels the globe teaching and reminding people of their true identity in Christ. He is a popular conference speaker and is well known for his training programs on the prophetic, spiritual warfare, intimacy with God, and leadership. He speaks in such a way that cuts right to the heart, and, man, is it good! Almost as soon as you hear him speak, you start to sense that he spends a lot of time with the Lord.

Cooke met Jesus when he was on the run from his parole officer. He had walked over one hundred miles in three days and found himself in a farmer’s field. He met the Lord there, and the story is unlike any other. That encounter had such a profound impact on Cooke that it changed the course of his entire life.

Take a minute to hear his story below.

From that moment in the field, Cooke’s life began to shift. He had accepted Christ and began learning about the Lord. His old ways were behind him, and he launched into an intimate walk with Jesus that would pave the way for his future ministry. As a prophet, Cooke believes that his main form of ministry is helping people hear the voice of the Lord for themselves. John 10:3-4 in The Voice translation says:

“The guard who is posted to protect the sheep opens the gate for the shepherd, and the sheep hear his voice. He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out. When all the sheep have been gathered, he walks on ahead of them; and they follow him because they know his voice.”

Cooke strongly believes that each and every follower of Christ is called to know Jesus intimately, to hear His voice, and walk with the Lord on a level of restful obedience.

In his early years of ministry, while he was being mentored, he learned that the most crucial part of ministry was resting in God. In an interview, Cooke said, “[My mentors] taught me how to live from the inside out. One of them taught me that if you want longevity in the ministry, you have to spend 80 percent of your anointing on God, in intimacy, in worship, in waiting on Him and in meditation.” Because of this knowledge, Graham has continued year after year to spend four months annually in meditation with the Lord. This fuels his creativity in writing and gives him the peaceful grounding needed for a successful ministry. These four months of deep connection provide the remaining eight months with an incredible outpouring of prophecy.

One of Cooke’s well-known speaking styles is called “Soaking Prayer.” Here is a quick video where he describes what soaking means to him. Simply put, Soaking Prayer is where he leads a group of people in their own encounters with God. It’s a very intimate experience, and he does it gracefully. Most of his soaking-prayers are nearly or over an hour long, and they are well worth the time.

Watch a short ten-minute soaking-prayer experience below.

I challenge you to carve out some time and listen to some of his sessions that are an hour or longer. They are so powerfully refreshing. When you’ve had a hard day or feel lost in a situation–if you feel unseen or forgotten or you just have extra time and need something to do, listening to Graham is one of the best options.  

Cooke has been in prophetic ministry since 1974. He has authored dozens and dozens of books. He has workbooks and journals, in addition to his books, that help train and equip believers. The Being with God Journal Set is a compilation of eight small workbooks, featuring topics such as prayer, prophetic language, and understanding when God appears to be silent. This workbook series is quite possibly his most-loved series by Graham enthusiasts (and I personally own it. It’s amazing!). He also has The Way of the Warrior Journal Set. This is a three-part set that teaches the reader about spiritual warfare and how to be a warrior in both offensive and defensive times. This series has helped countless people become stronger in their faith by helping them use their gifts and understand the fruit of the spirit. He also has The Favor Series, Developing Your Destiny, and The Wisdom Series. To explore all that Graham Cooke has to offer, please visit The Brilliant Bookstore.

Today, everything you want to know about Graham Cooke’s ministry is on There, you will find his books, sermons, soaking-prayers, a mentoring program, and the option to sign up for BrilliantTV. This “online training and community platform that provides high-quality teaching, weekly mentoring classes, and e-journey courses” with access to loads of teachings and lessons not found on his YouTube Channel. To say that Graham Cooke is a leader is somewhat wrong. A lot of leaders walk ahead of you, looking back over their shoulder to shout direction or tell you to watch out for potholes or ditches along the way. Cooke is much more like a best friend who is walking with you. He feels like your wiser, older best chum. He is a building-prophet who seeks to build up the body of Christ by teaching every member how to be intimately acquainted with Jesus and live in a mindset of truth. He is paving the way for the followers of Jesus to change how the world understands prophecy and intimacy with our God. He’s one of the best teachers out there, and you’ll be insanely blessed by his “brilliant perspectives.”

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