Governors, Mayors, Mr. Vice President, and Mr. President: We Continue to be Misled with the COVID Data

We must stand guard against misinformation and false narratives, particularly considering that it has become increasingly apparent that the pandemic is being leveraged to advance a broader agenda.

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OPINION- The Coronavirus Pandemic has assaulted this nation, sickening many and tragically taking lives, especially our most vulnerable in nursing homes. We all grieve these facts, but also recognize that the carnage is much further reaching—costing lives, liberties, and livelihoods in many other ways.

Accordingly, it is critically important that we get the details right to affect the best strategies to balance the risks and limit the devastation. And, we must stand guard against misinformation and false narratives, particularly considering that it has become increasingly apparent that the pandemic is being leveraged to advance a broader agenda.

Following a short pause to stoke division and green-light the destruction of our cities, while GOP-led areas of the country re-opened, the media and political saboteurs placed the “Plandemic” agenda back on center stage.

While they briefly turned a blind eye towards social gathering and COVID safety measures in the name of “social justice” during this period, the saboteurs are now doubling down on COVID fear-mongering to stifle economic recovery, inhibit a return to normalcy, push for a dystopian vaccine, keep churches empty, demonize red states, remove liberties, enable election manipulation, hide Biden in the basement, score political points—and ultimately work to remove President Trump from office.

The new weapon remains the same as the old weapon—rig the numbers to paint a false narrative and scare everyone into submission. Just like they did with flawed models using ridiculous assumptions and jacked up death counts, the saboteurs are now again conning the American public—and most importantly, our President, Vice President, Governors, and Mayors—with COVID case counts and hospitalizations.

This is not to say that the Coronavirus itself is not a real health threat, especially to the older population and those with other underlying conditions. The same can be said of the flu and other diseases, but it is a scam to overstate the incidence and impact to the point of destroying our overall well-being.

While blue states and cities largely remained under strict lockdowns imposed by authoritarian Governors and Mayors, red states boldly began the process of re-opening and restoring liberties. After protests and riots began to abate, the media re-instituted fear-mongering about the “reckless” re-openings knowing the numbers would be coming their way with a little creative counting.

Here is how the current con job works:

Case Counts Rising

Specifically, new Coronavirus cases are rising, especially in red states. This can be tied directly to the overall increase in testing and its wide-spread availability. This is further magnified by re-opening protocols that require mandatory testing of all employees, students, athletes, attendees, etc. Additionally, some reports have begun surfacing that suggest those testing positive for COVID antibodies are being added to the counts.

Previously, new cases were diagnosed when ill patients presented themselves to a medical facility. It is safe to bet that those being diagnosed now largely have mild to no symptoms (or have even already recovered if antibody tests are being included.) And, to the devious saboteurs’ intent, these new cases would disproportionately show up in red states due to re-opening protocols.

Certainly, it is reasonable to assume that returning to normal activity will affect an increase in new cases, but the aforementioned points must be factored in to properly assess and strategize the situation. It is also reasonable to assume that if we protect the most vulnerable (unlike the truly reckless approaches previously taken by states such as New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Michigan), the additional spread of the virus will look more like a cold or flu scenario.

Is the media telling you this? Of course not.

New Hospitalizations 

Similarly, there was great pent-up demand for “elective” medical procedures and treatment of other non-COVID medical conditions after months of lockdown and prohibition. As restrictions have been lifted, this bubble of patients has been tested for COVID as part of the routine hospital admission process.

So, anecdotal reports suggest that if anyone tests positive, they are being counted as a COVID hospitalization—despite the fact that the true reason is a cancer biopsy, colonoscopy, or something entirely unrelated. Congress essentially ensured this over-count through the implementation of financial incentives paid to hospitals, starting with a large payout for every COVID admission. With the stroke of a few keys, and without any real check or balance, windfall revenues are on the way.

Death Counts

It has already been widely reported that death counts are being overstated as guidelines and financial incentives have greatly “encouraged” that patients who die “with COVID” or COVID-like symptoms be included rather than just those who die “from COVID.” Beside costing taxpayers’ enormous sums of money, this obviously creates a highly skewed picture.

Unfortunately, the Coronavirus Task Force does not seem to be digging deeper to gain the truth and get us out of this staged nightmare. It’s way past time to investigate and put much more scrutiny around the numbers.

Even a cursory glance at the data reveals the highly suspect phenomenon that flu and pneumonia deaths plummeted as COVID deaths skyrocketed. Hmmm. We need precise guidelines and methodology that are mandated for reporting data with close monitoring and severe repercussions for noncompliance.

As an aside, it’s also way past time to open up the highly effective COVID treatment—Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) plus zinc. If properly dosed, especially when given early, there is ample evidence that it is very safe and looks pretty much like a cure. The highly positive data reported from all over the country and world has been ignored, while the proven fraudulent and highly suspect data has been embraced to spike HCQ’s effective use. This is totally unacceptable as many continue to die who could easily be saved, not to mention keep people out of hospitals.

The numbers matter. They have been and continue to be used to shape a narrative and irrational fear to drive an agenda that is not in our best interests.

Although this plea will likely fall on deaf ears in blue states and cities, it is critical that our Governors and Mayors look past the illusory surface to truly understand the data as they consider lockdowns, limitations, and closures. With the media jackals waiting to pounce, imposing strict measures might appear to be the safe route—but being duped into unwarranted measures will likely impose far greater damage.

Mr. President, I appeal to you to mandate much greater rigor around the classifications and reporting, add a symptom severity metric to new case tracking, assign a trusted “numbers geek” not associated with any of the alphabet agencies to run point on all the COVID data, and bring in some medical advisors from outside the beltway to eliminate this ongoing scam that is being perpetrated on our nation.

Our freedoms, faith, overall health, and financial well-being depend on it.

Ultimately, your re-election and our republic depend on it.

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