Gold Rush – It’s Mining Season

If you are trying to do anything in your own strength and for your own gain it will not stand.

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It’s mining season both for us and God. 

I’ve been reminded recently of a vision I was given in 2016. In prayer, I received an image of two hands holding a round wooden sifting tray that was panning for gold. I would see these hands bring the tray up out of the river water and the water would run through it. As they shook the pan it separated the dirt, soot, and gold – real and fake. 

The Spirit then spoke to me that “the sifting had begun”. He was separating the pure in heart from the false and defiled. No more “fake gold”. Only His pure mined and refined gold would be found and treasured. 

That was in 2016. 

Then in the beginning of 2017, I saw a map of the United States looking like it was an old mining map possibly, on parchment paper. And then I begin to see liquid gold being poured in and around all the borders of the states and I heard “GOLD RUSH”. Every border of every state was filled with gold and it became like a patchwork scene of a map that had been done with gold. Then the Spirit spoke and said, “I DECREE AMERICA WILL BE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AGAIN!” Then all the state’s borders were sealed with Gold. 

God has brought both of these visions and words back to my memory recently. I am seeing the gold mining pan, and the mining map with gold. 

Recently in a worship service, I was taken twice into the spirit in an underground mine. I and others that were ascending in worship were going deep into a mine. This time we were mining for diamonds. I have been seeing diamonds periodically over the last month, particularly upon falling asleep. 

As we went deep into the mine and worshiped the diamonds were being dislodged and shook loose from the dirt in the darkness. The worship was the tool.  

It was understood that we were the diamonds because then a miner, the Lord, came in to claim the diamonds and I saw his hands grab these diamonds and hold them in his hands still dirty and unshaped,  not refined, he had found his treasure. He gazed upon his treasure in amazement. 

I believe there is a sifting going on and that it started 5 years ago and has become more aggressive. There is a separating that is happening to reserve the finest of gold and gems that are his for his purposes. It is evident it is mining season. I want to encourage you as you worship you the Spirit will begin to dislodge you, shaking loose the dirt in the darkness and prepare you for gathering. You will be captured by him and treasured In his hands.  

If you are trying to do anything in your own strength and for your own gain it will not stand. If it’s built on shifting sand it will not stand. Nothing is hidden from the Lord. Everything is naked to him and he sees all even in the darkness. Know that he desires you to allow him to gather you, to refine you, to treasure you, to co-labor with you for his purposes so that he may be glorified. The days of fake gold are about to be over in the kingdom of God once and for all.

Mine your way into the depths of His heart and you will find Him and He will find you. Mine your way through the streets and you will find souls that are diamonds to Him. Watch as the Holy Spirit leads you in His light in the darkness of this world. As you do this you will see, know, and become a miner for Him. Holy Spirit will train you to see the gold beyond the dirt and darkness and you will find treasure.



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