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I wonder what would happen to our prayer life if we persisted like Jacob? God saw his persistence and look what follows.

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Remember the old song, “I Did It My Way,” by Frank Sinatra? Yes, I am dating myself!  If you are young and have no idea who this is, ask your parents!  

In our story, “Jacob went on his way and the angels of God met him.”  (Genesis 32: 1)  Sometimes in our pursuit of destiny, we step forward, not knowing what lies ahead.  Jacob went, but he had a promise from God that God would be with him.  Having angels accompany you is definitely divine assurance. If God tells you to go and do something, even if it seems scary, believe His promise.  

Jacob is going back to his homeland and he’s in great distress fearing what Esau, his brother, will do.  He had to remember God’s instruction saying, “Go back to your country and your relatives…”  (Genesis 32: 9) 

Are you wrestling with God about something?  Is there something that you are afraid of doing?  God touched the socket of Jacob’s hip, causing him to limp.  Yet, He showed him to walk forward, for it is God who holds our destiny. Jacob literally wrestled all night with this man.  This man, who was God Himself, said, “Let me go for it is daybreak.”  Jacob’s response was, “I will not let go of you until you bless me.”  (Genesis 32: 26)

I wonder what would happen to our prayer life if we persisted like Jacob? God saw his persistence and look what follows:  He changes his name to Israel, “Because you have struggled with God and with men and have overcome.”  (Genesis 32: 28)  

Now that Jacob acknowledged God as the source of his blessing and was about to re-enter the Promised Land, the Lord acknowledged Jacob as His servant by changing his name. He knows our name and within that name is our destiny even through all of our struggles. The name Israel means: He struggles with God.   

Jacob’s fear of his brother, Esau, rejecting him was unfolded before him.  God had been at work, for Esau no longer had a grudge against his brother.  Over time, God takes care of those family issues, changing hearts, and hurts.  “So that day, Esau started on his way back…” (Genesis 33: 16)  He wasn’t going back to his old ways, he was going back with his heart restored!  God had a purpose of sending Jacob back to his family, to bring brothers back together.  

God instructs us in the way chosen for us.”  (Psalm 25: 12)  Listen to His instruction and obey.  Invest your life wisely, you’ll get a great return!  The people who are looked down upon, are never overlooked by our God.  There’s a lot we, as believers, have been entrusted with, that we are to invest in. If you’re trying to find your way, Jesus is the way.  Zacchaeus learned that.  

An entire Nation has been chosen, yet God, in His love and mercy, cares about just one, who is trying to find their way. Entrust your life and He will show you the way, even if your walk is difficult, and you feel like you’re limping through life.  

(Genesis 32-33, Psalm 25,  Luke 19: 1-27, Paraphrased & Modified)  


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