Godzila Is On Main Street

The beast began to chase people down the street. It had such anger and rage in its eyes. People began to scream in terror as the beast charged forward.

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In a recent dream, I was walking along a road “Main Street America.” As I walked along, I saw a part of Main Street America that I knew was the ‘inner-city’. As I looked, I saw an incredibly large beast (King Kong / Godzilla) asleep. I realized that many youths of diverse colors were painting graffiti on the beast as he slept. I recognized that the graffiti was placed on the beast to symbolize their pain over society’s misunderstanding of them, and also of fatherlessness. They were alone and scared.

Suddenly the beast awoke, and stood to his feet. He walked onto ‘Main Street America.’ I was almost in unbelief at how large this beast was. It looked like an enormous Gorilla, with the grey skin of a whale. I shouted to everyone along Main Street America, “GODZILLA IS COMING, AND HE IS LARGER THAN ANYONE THOUGHT.”

The beast began to chase people down the street. It had such anger and rage in its eyes. People began to scream in terror as the beast charged forward. Next in the dream, I stood in front of the beast. I looked into its eyes and I realized that what drove its anger was actually fear. I suddenly had a sense of compassion for this ‘Godzilla’. When it realized I saw its fear, the beast became afraid of me, and it dove off of Main Street America under a bridge.

As I stood on top of the bridge I realized that I was standing on the floor of my house. This beast growled and roared under the floorboards/foundation of the house. I began to think to myself, “We have to get this out from under the foundation.”

Immediately I saw snowfall from the heavens, and it covered Main Street America, it covered the beast, it covered the foundation, the bridge, the ditch, and hills along the road. Everything was still, and peaceful. Then I said, “THIS IS THE REMEDY FOR OUR CRISIS.” “AS A RESULT OF THE GREAT COMMUNION REVIVAL, OUR SINS WILL BE MADE WHITE AS SNOW.” And then the dream ended.

Here are a few very brief thoughts I have about this dream:

*I believe that peaceful protesting, even with anger, and a bent for justice is acceptable and needed at this time. I don’t for one minute believe that the majority of those standing for justice are a part of the destructive and violent riots. (These are mostly pawns of a special interest/organization with evil intent).

In all of this, however:

  1. God is identifying a beast (racism, systemic racism, and the pain it has caused).
  2. Racism and the fruit it has produced is now walking down Main Street America. But what drives the pain and reaction is fear.
  3. This beast is in the ‘foundations/and floorboards’ of our nation.
  4. We will never ‘bridge’ the gap of white/black, etc. while this beast is hiding under it.
  5. The only answer is to identify that racism was and is a national sin that needs to be brought into the light.
  6. The great Communion Revival is a revival of an Upper Room movement where Blacks and Whites stay in the room together confessing sin, forgiving, and remembering the body and blood of Jesus. In this type of revival, the cleansing power God’s love through the cross will shower us with healing and make our scarlet sins whiter than snow!!!



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