God’s Throw Down

The Spirit of God is making way for public exits and ‘royal’ entrances for bringing His Name glory.

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I had a significant dream recently where the Holy Spirit revealed His plans for pulling down enemy strongholds. In this dream, a throwing down of the spirit of Jezebel made way for newfound freedom to sweep through the House of God. Where Jezebel was given access to infiltrate places of worship, a Holy Ghost course correction removed Jezebel from her man-made seat of power. In 2 Kings 9:30-37 when Jehu entered the city of Jezreel for confronting the wicked agenda of Jezebel, Jezebel’s own eunuchs facilitated her demise. The word Jezreel in Hebrew means God will sow – and refers to the Mighty power of Immanuel conceiving or yielding His purposes in the valley of restoration. As I prayed into and studied out the context of this prophetic dream, I heard the below interpretation.

The Jezebel’s of the House are being removed from their seat of power. The Spirit of God is releasing non-negotiable contracts with Holy Ghost conditions for seizing Jezebel from her place of prominent influence. A zero-tolerance policy has been instated. Watch for a Divine Coup d’état to restore order where illegal motives have wrecked ‘constitutional’ havoc on the pure of heart. The Repairer of the Breach has arrived! A dethroning of the plans of the enemy is nigh. The Watchmen on the wall aren’t surprised – the Jehu’s have arrived! 

Coup d’état: the removal and seizer of a ‘government’ and its power. A ‘stroke of state or a blow of state’ for ushering in a sovereign move of power.

Jesus is the Repairer of the Breach for helping us rebuild and restore the gaps in our ‘armor’ where enemy opposition has gained access into our camps. I found this definition of a breach through an online search. A breach; is a gap in a wall, barrier, or defense. In warfare or agriculture, a breach is a place where the enemy comes in to destroy, or where the sheep break out and get lost from their place of protected security. A breach is that one weak spot in the levy that gives way to the flood.

Watch for more exposure to de-throne high-ranking officials from their seats of power. Watch for divine removals to strike a blow to public and private sectors through the power of the Holy Ghost for ushering the Body of Christ, the Church, governmental powers, and elected officials into their rightful and submitted place of influence. Watch for the Jehus to fulfill the mandate of the Lord for bringing Justice to the land. Watch for the casting down of ‘false idols’ to usher in a move of the Spirit where the One True Living God is magnified and exalted throughout the entire world!

As we approach Pentecost [May 23, 2021] – The truth is coming to the light! I prophesy: May motives, governmental shake-ups, making wrongs right, rewards for the righteous, the dismantling of the Pharaoh’s in the land, wolves in sheep’s clothing, the Word of God becoming manifest in the lives of blind believers, and the arise of truth-bearers endued with fire and glory for the spreading of end-time revival – are experiencing their rite of passage. I decree and declare: The Spirit of God is making way for public exits and ‘royal’ entrances for bringing His Name glory. God is evicting the enemy from his post while the Kingdom of God arises and shines through divine exposures of the Manifest Son’s and Daughter’s of God.


Written by Holly Watson



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