God’s Promises are Not Attached to a Contingency Plan

If you are in covenant with our Good Father, you are only marked for HOPE, ABUNDANCE, GOODNESS, and approximately 8,810 other promises available through His Word.

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A contingency plan is a backup plan for unforeseen circumstances, essentially it is “Plan B.” God does not operate in Plan B, He only lives and moves in Plan A. He is Plan A! Though your circumstances may change, and things may not have worked out the ‘first time’, you may believe you are living in Plan B or the ‘second best’ for your life. However, God can only operate in Plan A because he is Plan A, therefore he turns ‘your’ Plan B to Plan A and his promises for you are always yes and amen. Essentially, any decision you make when living one with Jesus, whether it was ‘wrong or right’ in your mind, is always attached to Plan A promises. There are approximately 8,810 promises in the written word of God, leaving us with an abundance of blessings to expect God to deliver on. Yes, you can expect God to be who he says he is and do what he says he will do. He is that good!
I feel like there are some people that need to hear “Your life is not Plan B”, “You are not doomed due to your decisions”, and “You did not miss your chance.” Many of you have believed you are living in ‘Plan B’ because the first plan did not work out and you are now believing you are living in ‘Plan B’ or something less than what was meant for you. I feel like someone needs to hear that a divorce, an affair, an unfinished degree, a failed business, a failed ministry, and financial debt does not disqualify you and it does not mean you are now marked for ‘Plan B” or “less than God’s best” for the rest of your life. Many of you feel hopeless and helpless, however, this mindset is rooted in ‘shame’ because of decisions you made that you feel ‘failed’. Others of you were ‘wronged’ by another person and now you are believing you are living in Plan B because of someone else’s choice. You are not helpless, hopeless or a victim to the choices of yourself or others. If you are in covenant with our Good Father, you are only marked for HOPE, ABUNDANCE, GOODNESS, and approximately 8,810 other promises available through his word.
The enemy is a liar and he wants you to believe you are disqualified from God’s best! Friends, His promises are not attached to your behavior, your performance, or your perfect choice! God’s promises are not situational, they are not based on someone else’s behavior or actions. I feel like someone needs to hear “God’s promises are not contingent upon the behavior and or actions of your spouse.” Keep your eyes on The Father, stay in intimacy with The Father, and know His plan and promises will be established in your life. I saw a vision of a video game. God was the one with the controller playing the game and we were all ‘characters’ in a race to the finish line. Every time a character got off the main track, their path immediately defaulted them back onto the ‘right track’. Essentially, God’s responsibility in ‘the game’ was to ensure they got back on the right track and crossed the finish line.
Friends, YOU CAN NOT GET OFF TRACK WITH GOD! You are in him and he is in you! Hear my heart! Yes, there are consequences we experience due to our choices, however, you are not disqualified to second best or marked doomed because of them.
Today, I break shame off any of you that feel you are disqualified or doomed because of a choice you made or a choice that was made for you! I ask you, God, to expose every lie that they are believing about ‘their destiny’ and I ask you to speak truth and show them ‘Heaven’s perspective’ about their circumstances. I ask you Father to breathe hope, life, and love back into their minds, hearts, and bodies today. I declare the ‘BEST IS YET TO COME’!
Someone needs to hear “Your latter days will be greater than your former days” and this is tied to your relationship with God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit. I feel like some people are believing they will never and can never experience an outpouring of God’s presence in their lives as they have in the past. I feel like God wants me to break the box you have put him in! Some of you have tied and associated his glorious presence with a person, place, church, or ministry and you need to hear “God is not in a box, HE IS WHERE YOU ARE.” You can have the latter days with him now, you must break the box and shift your mindset. He wants to come in and show you His Glory in a great way! Haggai 2:9 promises “The glory of this present house will be greater than the glory of the former house. And in this place, I will grant you peace declares the Lord God Almighty.” I encourage you to make room for the king of glory to come in.

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