God’s Perfect Set Up-For Victory

When I asked the Lord about His timing yesterday, He gave a one-word answer, “PROXIMITY.”

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God has already provided abundant evidence of His plans for this nation through years of words, dreams, visions, and supernatural encounters by both seekers and seers that cannot be dismissed or denied. The growing collection of prophetic dreams and visions from brothers and sisters around the world concerning God’s victory for our Republic cannot be ignored. There has been a supernatural element to this journey that is incredibly unnatural, unplanned, and unmistakable. I will not – indeed, I cannot – cast them aside simply because we don’t know the terms of their enforcement. Though God is unfailing in revealing His intentions, He rarely tells us when or how they will manifest.

When I asked the Lord about His timing yesterday, He gave a one-word answer, “PROXIMITY.” He reminded me of the story of Abraham about to sacrifice Isaac, and also about Samson in the temple. Both these events give us clues to the critical importance of being in proximity to the breakthrough. The ram in the thicket was only found after Abraham raised his knife over Isaac. What seemed to be a painful walk up that mountain proved to be the journey to God’s lifeline. Samson could only fulfill his destiny to destroy God’s enemies when he was placed in the center of the temple, right in the middle of their demonic revelry. Their public ridicule of God’s chosen vessel ended up being a trap that forever ended their wicked rule.

We don’t need another prophetic word or dream about our future as a nation. He’s already spoken. The hardest part of this nail-biting journey is that it’s out of our hands. That’s why He says, “…so that when the day of evil comes, you will be able to stand your ground, and having done everything, to STAND” (see Ephesians 6:13).

We have declared that God does miracles. We have testified to the parting of the Red Sea. Yet, we must remember that God’s greatest miracles happen at the darkest times. I’ve heard from numerous intercessors saying they’ve been waking up around 3:00 in the morning – for absolutely no reason. Wide awake. I immediately think about another 3:00 event. It was the time of Jesus’ death.  And yet, at earth’s darkest hour – it turned out to be the greatest sting operation in all of history.

Pay attention. Sometimes, it’s not a matter of praying harder or praying longer, but simply being in the right place at the right time. What looks like defeat and destruction in the natural is often God’s perfect set-up for victory. We just need to…..

……..wait for it………


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