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So whether you’re at the lowest valley in your life, like David or you’re at the highest peak remember He is with you. He hears your cries and your praises.

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I am currently obsessed with The Passion Translation. A friend of mine recommended it to me a little while back. And for my birthday this past year, my mom gifted it to me. BEST. GIFT. EVER. Well, next to God’s grace and unconditional, unwavering, never-ending love.

My mind is racing with blog post options. My brain is pretty overwhelmed. My fingers are having a hard time keeping up. And it’s the most wonderful feeling ever. Our Living God is so good, friends. I was really contemplating what to write next. Wading through all of my thoughts and ideas He has given me. Where do I even start? So I just decided to ask Him. “Father, where do I start this week?” And boy, did He answer.

We were on the road one morning. Back to school had hit. It was day #3 and the new hadn’t worn off yet. We were all dressed early and out the door without any significant issues. Besides the fact that I am pretty sure neither of my 2 kids actually brushed their teeth. Even though I told them to do so about 5 times. Moms, can you relate? The struggle is real.

My 11-year-old didn’t remember to apply deodorant. On the way to school, he whipped out the spare deodorant that he keeps in his bag (because homeboy needs to reapply a couple of times a day. Pre-puberty, friends. It’s a smelly situation. He is gonna hate me for this. But he doesn’t read my blog, so he will never know, right?). So anyway, he whipped it out and puts it on. Sixth-grade teachers, you’re welcome. Bless that kid’s heart. His momma is a bit (maybe a lot) crunchy and only buys him the “granola” deodorant. It does not hold up as well as the toxic stuff. And guys, it was August in Texas. Need I say more?

We love our morning radio show. So, of course, I cranked it up. We listen to Way FM with Wally and his crew in the morning. Can I get an AMEN for family-friendly radio?! All the praise hands, y’all. But unfortunately, this morning, in particular, the station was static-y. No worries; I whipped out my phone and stuck it on Spotify. It sufficed. I mean, it wasn’t Wally being hilariously obnoxious to his castmates, but it did the trick. We pulled up to the school, I prayed over my babies, and they jumped out of the car to start their day.

Then I headed to Yoga. It’s one of my many happy places. And turned out, I was going to be super early this morning because remember, it’s still fun to wake up early for school. Check with me next week to see how well that’s going…#truthbomb. Maybe I shouldn’t speak that into power.

Never mind! I take it back. It’s gonna be like this all year, y’all!!! Whew! Anyway, I pulled up to yoga early and I thought, “Lord, I have 10 extra minutes. What would You like for me to do with them?” Immediately, I thought I needed to turn on some music. When I dropped the kids, I decided to put on a podcast. It was good, but I was feeling the need for some good jams. HERE is where it gets interesting…

My Heavenly Father had a song ready for me. I picked up my phone, and it said, “Psalm 34 (Taste and See) by Shane & Shane.” Go look it up and listen. Do it! Because guys…it’s POWERFUL! I didn’t have my Bible, so I started searching Psalm 34. It already sounded familiar. Of course, I looked up The Passion Translation. And here is what stuck out to me:

Lord! I’m bursting with joy over what you’ve done for me! My lips are full of perpetual praise! I’m boasting of you and all your works, so let all who are discouraged take heart…Listen to my testimony: I cried to God in my distress and he answered me. He freed me from my fears! Gaze upon him, join your life with his, and joy will come. Your faces with glisten with glory. You’ll never feel that shame-face again.

Apparently, this powerful Psalm was written at David’s lowest point in his life. Can you imagine? I have had some pretty low points. And if I’m being honest, these were not the words on my lips. But that’s okay because I am learning. I am growing.

I, thank You, Father, for showing me this. This is purely Your goodness. I love it when I get to experience You in this way. When You speak to me so clearly and I hear You so clearly. Thank You for loving me so much. Thank You for teaching me.

Do you remember, as a child, how your parent would kindly teach you something? Not shaming you but simply showing you. Taking your hand and ever so gently showing you a better way. I think of myself sitting in His lap just like I would with my earthly father or mother as a small child.

I think back to a 17-year-old Rebeka. Hurting and feeling very alone. My life was being turned upside down. My family was disintegrating right in front of me. After almost 20 years of marriage, my parents separated. And shortly after, my dad suffered a major medical crisis. As the oldest of 3, I felt like I had to carry all of the responsibility.

I remember walking into my bedroom and curling into a corner in the dark. I wanted to hurt myself. I felt like any physical pain would be better than what I was feeling mentally and emotionally. And in that moment, almost immediately after having that thought, I felt a presence. I didn’t know it then, but it was God’s goodness. His glory. His presence. Peace came over me. I know that is what it was because I have since experienced this same thing many times over and over again. He shows up when no one else does.

And you better believe He ALWAYS shows up.

Even when I didn’t know how to cry out to Him, He still answered me. And he will continue to do so forever and ever. Amen!!!


Because our God is sovereign.

I believe we all have a story. And our stories matter. Friend, YOUR story matters. YOU matter. And YOU are so loved. Even when you don’t feel it. Even when you don’t know it. So whether you’re at the lowest valley in your life like David or you’re at the highest peak, remember He is with you. He hears your cries and your praises. And He is the same today as He was when David was calling out to Him. He is the same today as when I felt His calm come over me all those years ago. And He will be the same tomorrow and the next day and the next.

I wish I could say that, in that moment, everything changed and I was able to pull it together. But I wasn’t. There were still hurt and choices made that led to tough consequences. However, I look back now and see the people and things He placed strategically in my life to love me and care for me. I took a lot of detours, guys, I did. A whole bunch of them. But He is still rooting for me, guiding me, and loving on me. And yes, even with something as simple as a song that pops up on my Spotify playlist.

This week, I challenge you to wait expectantly and excitedly for the ways God will show up in your life. And when He does (Because He will), let Psalm 34 be your prayer.



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