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The Lord is going to comment on a lot of things in this season and His comment will have an exclamation point put at the end of it.

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One morning recently I was spending some time with the Lord and He spoke something to me in such a direct and clear way. He said, “I am about to comment.” After I heard this I continued to pray and the Lord spoke to me again and said, “I am about to comment on situations in America and the nations of the world. I will comment behind the scenes. I will comment on the media. I am about to start commenting.”

As I leaned into the Lord, I was reminded that the enemy has been playing his best hand. The enemy has made his statements in the past several seasons. Chaos, fear, and corruption have run rampant. Many have been deceived and discouraged by the enemy’s voice because he has been so loud. However, the Lord has not made His comment, yet. The keyword here is yet! When God speaks the enemy trembles. In this season, the word of the Lord will go forth and thwart the plans of the enemy. When God comments everything changes.

Often people will ask me about what I believe the Lord is saying over certain things. They may ask about different things in the culture, a specific political situation, or a world event. I will often reply, “Whenever God wants to comment you’ll know.” During this time of prayer when the Lord spoke to me, He made it abundantly clear that He is about to comment and everyone will know it. Whenever God releases a prophetic statement His power is unleashed to see that prophetic word come to pass. This is why I am continually praying for and listening to the prophetic voices God is using in this hour.

The Lord is going to comment on a lot of things in this season and His comment will have an exclamation point put at the end of it. When God makes a comment the Church and the world will both know and hear it. I don’t know what you may be going through in this season or what you are believing for, but I want to encourage you today that the Lord is about to comment. Ask the Lord for a fresh word over whatever you are facing or praying about. You may have been unsure or uncertain about certain things in previous seasons but the Lord is going to give you clarity. We receive wisdom, knowledge, and understanding when the Lord speaks and His voice will always move us forward. He is a loving Father who desires to speak to you. Get alone with Him and lean in to hear what He has to say. When you have a word from God you can see it as a guarantee. A word from God is something we can hang onto and count on no matter what it may look like in the natural.

God is about to comment! So, don’t be afraid. Don’t give in to fear in this season. Listen to the leading of the Holy Spirit, set yourself apart to hear from the Lord, and know that He always has the final word. God’s comment over regions, over America, over Israel, and the nations will shift and change things in a moment. The God of Heaven is about to speak and His words will change everything.



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