God is Releasing a Multi-Dimensional Mantle Upon a Sold-Out Generation

Their prayers and petition filled the prayer bowls of heaven until they began to tip over, pouring out fresh oil upon the people.

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Recently, in worship, the Lord took me into an open vision. In this vision, I saw many churches throughout the body of Christ. Some were withered, dark, and looked abandoned and I asked the Lord what am I seeing? He said, “these are the churches who have traded holiness for popular opinion, they have traded righteousness for church members, and above all they have rejected My precious Holy Spirit, having a form of Godliness but denying the power thereof.”

Then He panned the view around and I saw churches that appeared as if they were glowing. They were fluorescent white with the greenest grass. The whole church from top to bottom was well kept and looked whole. Then He took me inside and I saw fathers, mothers, and kids travailing in prayer as tears rolled down their faces. There were rocking back and forth, wailing for the move of God and a hunger for holiness to be returned to the house of God. The fire of God’s presence radiated in the room as the assembly of angels gathered around. Their prayers and petition filled the prayer bowls of heaven until they began to tip over, pouring out fresh oil upon the people.

I then saw a giant quilt that was formed and fashioned by the Lord. It was very colorful like the coat of many colors. Each patch was symbolic and perfectly aligned. I asked what am I seeing? The Lord responded to me and said “These are the mantles of many generations, They are the mantles of past men and women of God but also past moves of God.” He said “I am dispersing them upon the hungry. Upon the ones whose cry of hunger and desperation has turned my ear toward heaven (2nd Chronicles 7:14). Upon the ones who have stood for holiness and have become pillars of righteousness in their generation. Upon the ones who have become desperate enough to lay on their face before me, forsaking all they have to seek me until I moved on their behalf. I’m rewarding the hungry.”

And then He took these mantles and began throwing them upon these glowing churches (houses of righteousness) and said “They will be host of my glory.” I prophesy to you this day that there are churches that have not forsaken the covenants of old. They have pursued holiness and stood for righteousness. They have hungered after the authentic move of the Spirit and have not wavered in prayer. They have not compromised in a time when so many churches are throwing in the towel for the sake of what’s convenient. He said, “these churches will host revival in their generation, and they will bring liberation to their cities, their regions, and their nations in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.”




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