God is Getting Ready to Move–– In Reverse!

God is offering you a front-row seat as He accelerates the reversal of things.

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I recently had two dreams back to back that have really got my attention! Two separate dreams but both with the same meaning! 


In the first dream, I was on a large bus and the bus driver put the bus in reverse, hit the gas and we accelerated in reverse at top speed! Though there were tight boundaries on both sides of the road the driver was able to keep us in reverse at top speed without any damage done! 


I was in the far back of a very long train. The conductor was smiling and looking back at everyone as he put the train in reverse! We were accelerating at such a high rate and I wondered if everything was going to go off track from the top speed the conductor was taking us in reverse but incredibly we were able to stay on track as we accelerated backward.

I was in the far back of both the bus and the train but because the movement was in reverse what seemed like the backseat was actually the front row for the acceleration in reverse!

Here is the thing! God is about to put things in REVERSE! Some big things are about to be reversed in your life and the nations! If you have felt you have been in the back row God is offering you a front-row seat as He accelerates the reversal of things that felt too big to reverse! He will keep us on track in this time as he turns the clock back!

The Clocks ticking! Don’t let the year slip away from you! Take back everything that was taken from you! Proclaim this word and say with me, 

“God is about to put this thing in REVERSE!!” 

Take back time, relationships, finances, opportunities, businesses, homes, and whatever else was taken from you in this time!! Get it back!!!



Written by Jamie Galloway


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