God is Calling- Come Home

I have seen your loneliness, your tears, your groanings, and moanings. 

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This morning in my prayer time I could gently hear the voice of the Lord and He said to tell you this:

“I have seen your grief, your loss, your pain, your disappointment! 

I have seen your questions, your doubt, your emptiness, your chaos, and your confusion. 

I have seen your loneliness, your tears, your groanings, and moanings. 

I am about to respond to your grief, your pain, your disappointment, your loss, your questions, your doubt, your tears, your loneliness, your groanings, and moanings! 

The same spirit that filled the upper room is about to fill you!  My Spirit will comfort your grief, fill your emptiness, take away your doubt, and capture every tear! I will burn deep within your spirit and I will be a fire in you in this dark season. 

There is a tidal wave of My presence coming to My House!  It will wash over you and carry you away in My Presence. You will get lost in Me!  There you will be hiding under My wings! Oh my sons and daughters, how I long for you to come back to Me. Oh, how I am pulling and tugging on your hearts! Come HOME to ME! Don’t wait! Come now! The world is cold and dark and you will not survive there! You have been hurt by religion…..I know…….so was I……but no longer can you use that as an excuse because I am washing away doubt with the wave of My presence.  Get ready for the boldness of My spirit to come upon you.  You will be a strong, fiery light in the middle of darkness.  I will not be silent! 

I am getting rid of counterfeit and My spirit will usher in purity and holiness! Come Home to My presence! How long will you push Me away? How long will you kick against the goads (Acts 26:14)? You are only hurting yourself by fighting against Me.  Why do you fight My spirit and not welcome Me in your worship?  Oh, my sons and daughters, I am calling you to come home! Heaven is weeping over you and yet rejoicing for your return.  My arms are open wide…… My heart is open wide to you! Now is the time!” 


Can somebody say AMEN? 

His voice is calling out. How will you respond to HIM?


Written by Janet Swanson



Janet Swanson Ministries

Featured Image by Joshua Brown on Unsplash


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