God is About to Press Play

The aroma of my presence will be restored back to my house!

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This morning while I was at the gym I heard the Lord speak to my spirit.  This is what He said to me and I believe it is for you too! 

“During the pandemic, the pause button has been pressed. But I’m about to press play…even NOW! What has been delayed is on the way! The promise is still yes and my Word is still yes! I have not changed my mind.  Though it has tarried keep waiting for it! 

However during the pandemic …in the natural….Covid 19 has taken away taste buds and smell and even your breath! That has also been in the supernatural! Your spiritual taste buds have been zapped! Your sensitivity to my presence has been zapped! The ability to breathe in the depth of my presence has been hindered! But TODAY I am sitting at the table preparing many things for you! The aroma of my presence will be restored back to my house! You will taste and see the Lord is good! I will cause you to breathe in the depth of my presence! At my table are times of refreshing and rest!”

Who is the Lord talking to today?  Won’t you come now to His table? Can I get a strong amen from somebody! Let’s return the presence of the Lord to His church by just showing up at the table!




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