Gluten-Free Mac & Cheese Giveaway

This one is for all of the singles who are looking for more than an inspirational “hang in there” while waiting for a spouse. 

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This one is for all the singles who are looking for more than an inspirational “hang in there” while waiting for a spouse.

Rachael Weisinger, in her debut book Gluten-Free Mac & Cheese, addresses the question: As a follower of Jesus, how do you honor God while also desiring a spouse? The pull between holiness and pleasure is never more obvious than when there is potential for romance. She shares from her own boy-crazy stories in a way that draws the reader in and calls them higher. Experience the intense struggle for a life after God’s heart while living in a culture saturated with instant gratification and compromise. There’s no easy way to put it—single life is hard, but Weisinger’s book gives so much hope in the journey.

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Entries will be accepted until January 19th. The winner of the book will be randomly selected from all Community Members (new and existing) and announced on January 20th.

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