Getting Started

Collective Member Set-up Instructions

The Sprint

Below is the abbreviated version of the set-up process for those who are ready to sprint.


KW Collective Set-Up Sprint

Membership Subscription

  1. Follow the link in the new user email to login into with the assigned User Name.
  2. Members will be redirected to the My Account page (which is the Collective Member portal home page.) Click on the link to go to the Kingdom Winds Collective Dashboard.
  3. Select the Subscriptions tab in the left rail menu.
  4. Click on the Add to Cart button at the bottom of the Membership Subscription Pack description to purchase.
  5. Click View Cart. Complete Checkout and place the order.


Store Set-up

  1. Return to the My Account page by clicking the link on the main menu and then click on the Manage Store & User Settings button to return to the Kingdom Winds Collective Dashboard.
  2. Select the Settings tab on the left rail and then select the Payment tab.
  3. Click on the Connect with Stripe button in the center of the page. This will take you through the process to set-up your own Stripe account to accept credit card transactions and connect to the payment gateway.
  4. If you want to connect an existing Stripe account, click the link in the upper right corner to Sign In. Everyone else should complete your account information and click on the Authorize button at the bottom. When your account set-up is complete, you will be returned to the Kingdom Winds Collective Dashboard.
  5. You can now begin adding products and setting up your store. Navigate back to the My Accounts page to access a wealth of information, such as the Resource Center, FAQs,, etc. From this page, you may also access the Collective Member Editor, My Content, and Collective Member Podcast Editor Dashboards to submit, view, and manage content.

The Guided Tour

The Collective Member Set-Up Guide walks users through the set-up process with detailed instructions, including tips and screenshots.


Collective Member Set Up Guide