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About the Author

Natalie Kipper fell in love with Jesus when she attended College at the Brownsville School Of Ministry 20 years ago. Natalie is blessed with a husband of 16 years and has three beautiful children. Her prophetic mandate is to release healing, freedom, and joy to everyone she encounters. God has branded her with the message of “It’s a New Day” and to release this wherever she goes. Natalie and her husband are Business Owners and love to help teach/equip the Marketplace on how to run “Kingdom Marketplace Businesses.” Natalie has a Hybrid calling that involves training and equipping the Bride of Christ to understand their authority in Christ, God's love for them, how to receive full healing/freedom and to learn how to walk in their full God-ordained destinies. That call paired with her heart to see those who haven’t come to Jesus return unto the one who loves them dearly and help prepare/equip ALL to receive TOTAL healing/freedom and how to then release Jesus everywhere that they go!