Get Ready for the Gushing Forth

In these rivers, everything that has been held up in the spirit is now being pushed forward. 

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Recently I had a dream where I was standing in a valley that looked dry and barren. Around me was a sea of people crying out and pleading for the move of God. A cry of desperation and hunger for the authentic move of the Spirit served as a sweet and pleasing aroma to the Father’s nostrils. Although the people’s hearts were postured toward heaven as they partnered in unrelenting prayer for the will of God to be fulfilled, they looked beaten down, tired, and worn out.

Just then I began to hear the sound of many waters, it was so loud it began to rattle the earth. The sound of raging rapids filled my ears before I saw them with my eyes. At that moment I turned and saw what looked like Niagara Falls. We were at a place where three rivers met, and they were flowing forth with great force and capacity. At that moment the Spirit of the Lord spoke to me and said “Get ready for the gushing forth.”

As these three rivers came together and poured out over the people I saw old withered bodies being renewed as if they were in their youth. I saw hope that was growing thin be renewed. I saw faith being restored, I saw the grass begin to grow, and the valley began to flourish again. These were the waters of refreshing, these were the waters of strength, these were the waters of prayers unanswered. In these rivers, everything that has been held up in the spirit is now being pushed forward. 

I want to prophesy to you today, the flood gates are breaking wide open over you and there is a gushing forth of the rivers of heaven. The things that have been held up in the realm of the Spirit are being made available to you. God is breathing upon the dry and desolate places of your life and bringing waves of refreshing, waves of mercy, and waves of His glorious grace. Faint not, lift your eyes to heaven, and let the river of His presence overtake you. Now is the hour!


This is an updated edition of a post originally published on Consuming Love Ministries

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About the Author

Tyler Medina is a revivalist, author, and emerging prophetic voice with a passion to bring the church into a deeper life of intimacy with God. Tyler was marked by a radical encounter with Jesus at eighteen years old in a jail cell, facing twenty years in prison for a crime he did not commit. After this encounter, Tyler promised to preach the gospel wherever God would send him and declare the good news of Jesus Christ. He has spent the last ten years traveling throughout the United States and South America working with church plants to stir up the wells of revival in their regions.