Gears and Dials

You are about to step into the perfect timing of the Lord in so many different areas, and you will accelerate with the Lord like never before.

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I recently had a significant prophetic vision that I immediately knew was a powerful word for so many in this season. In the vision, I saw many gears and dials. I could tell that I was seeing the inside of an old-fashioned clock. The gears were moving and I could hear them as all the different parts worked together, turning inside the clock. Every single piece, both big and small, was moving together in unison because everything was perfectly aligned. Then the vision shifted and I could see the face of the clock. A hand came and moved the hour and minute hand to a specific time. As the hands of the clock were moved into position, a loud noise came from what seemed to be all of the gears and dials snapping into place for this time. As I began to pray into this vision, I knew exactly what the meaning was, it’s time! It is time, my friends! Whatever you have been believing for and whatever prophetic promise you have been preparing for, get ready to see it happen!

In order for a clock, like the one in my vision, to work, every single gear has to be aligned and moving in perfect precision. I believe in this season, the Lord is looking for those that are willing to allow Him to snap everything in their lives and spirits into place. Those willing to submit every single area and detail of their lives to the Lord in this season will find that He has aligned it all in order to do exactly what He has called them to do. The stage of history is set and God is about to do His best work! I believe we are on the verge of the greatest move of God the world has ever known, and it will be those that have been aligning themselves with Heaven that God will elevate and launch to the front lines.

Those willing to align with Heaven and truly lay down their dreams and aspirations will be the ones God will use in the upcoming season. If you look at the face of a clock, you can’t see the gears or dials that are moving inside of it, making it tick. Just because you may not see everything God is doing behind the scenes does not mean He isn’t moving! God is always doing more than we could ever imagine behind the scenes and all we have to do is have faith that He is working everything together for your good and for His Kingdom!

If you will lean into the Lord in this season and step into this kairos moment, you will find yourself right in the middle of God’s perfect plan and purpose for your life. You are about to step into the perfect timing of the Lord in so many different areas, and you will accelerate with the Lord like never before. God has not forgotten about you and has placed you on earth for this hour and for a purpose! Now is the time! It is time for you to move forward, step out in faith, and into all the things God has called you to do. Fearlessly pursue your purpose and the perfect timing of God for your life, just like Esther. Esther boldly pursued the prophetic timing of her life and had the mindset to obey God whether she would perish doing so or not. Be fearless like Esther in this season. Recognize the prophetic hour you are in and go for it like John the Baptist, Peter, the apostle Paul and all of the great heroes of faith in scripture. Now is your time!


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