From Marah to Elim: A Prophetic Word for May 2022

He is about to reveal to you a new way, and an unexpected, yet simple solution, that will suddenly bring you forth into the place having Twelve Springs and Seventy Palm Trees.

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“Watch, for I AM moving you from the place called Marah (meaning bitterness) to the place called Elim in this hour. Watch, for I AM breaking the spirit of delay in the month of May” (the place having Twelve Springs and Seventy Palm Trees).

In my worship time today, I heard these Words for the month of May, “The times of Refreshing, Renewal, Restoration, and Revival have come, for I AM taking My People on a journey from Marah to Elim.

Watch! For I AM turning, reversing, and redeeming lost time. I AM changing and transforming the bitter waters into sweet springs of refreshing and restoration.

I AM Reviving and Renewing Strength, Power, and Might to those who have become spiritually dehydrated and depleted.

I AM Reinstating, Rebuilding, and Reestablishing true Kingdom Identity and Authority.

Watch! For a great Awakening is now taking place on the earth.”

After hearing these Words, I saw a powerful picture in The Spirit Realm, where I saw many walking in a hot, dry, and barren desert.

There were no visible signs of life, other than weary, tired, and exhausted souls. Some were staggering, some were desperately trying to move forward, straining and striving to put one foot in front of the other.

I could hear their desperate cries for refreshing and restoration. Many were praying, waiting and watching for Divine Intervention, and for a way out of the dry, barren, and hot desert place.

Now as I looked a little closer, I saw that some seemed to wear, what looked like Crowns upon their heads, but their Crowns lacked luster. They were without brilliance or shine. They looked heavy, worn, and rusted through, and the weight of the Crowns upon their heads was like an iron yoke, that slowed them down, and depleted them of all strength, power, and might.

The lies of the enemy had taken their toll on their minds, stealing and stripping them of their True Kingdom Identity and Authority, as His Anointed Kings and High Priests.

Now, as I began to inquire of The LORD as to what I was seeing, He showed me that the picture represents many in The Body of Christ in this season, who have become spiritually dry, dehydrated, and depleted of all life, power, and their true Kingdom Identity and Authority.

He showed me that deep disappointment has turned to desperation; passion has turned to passivity, complaining, and complacency; zeal and vision, have turned to hopelessness and fear.

Many are on the verge of spiritually giving up and giving in. The spirit of grief and sorrow overwhelms and overpowers many.

The spirit of confusion has taken hold of many hearts and minds. The lack of clarity and Godly Wisdom, has begun to cause many to lose direction and discipline. Spiritual death seemed imminent for many.

As I listened to The LORD, I began to cry out for a manifestation of His Mercy and His Grace in this season.

I asked The Father to intervene in the lives of these weary Warriors, who longed for Liberty and Freedom, and for the fulfillment of Dreams and Visions, they once carried.

I cried out to The LORD to break the chains that bound them, and to revive and renew their minds, to their True Identity, as his kings and high priests on the earth.

I asked The Father to breathe new Life and fresh Revelation into their hearts, that the Crowns upon their heads would once again shine brightly, with the radiance and brilliance of His Glory; that the heavy weight of false identity would be removed, and replaced by a yoke of true Sonship.

Now, as I pondered on this Word and prayed for The Body of Christ, The Holy Spirit lead me to read Exodus 15, where we see Moses leading his people through a hot and barren desert.

Many too were thirsty, with their mouths bone dry, and their bodies severely dehydrated. The situation also looked desperate, many were in danger of dying from thirst and hunger, when suddenly they came to water and thinking that their problems were over, many threw their weary bodies into the water, looking to quench their thirst, only to discover that the waters were salty and undrinkable.

One can only imagine the deep disappointment, grief, and desperation that must have quickly taken hold of their hearts and minds.

We see how many cried out to Moses, their leader, complaining, grumbling and murmuring against God. The people called that place “Marah”, which means “Bitterness.”

Now Moses, hearing the desperate cries of the people, turned his heart towards God and cried out for deliverance on their behalf.

Immediately, God faithfully answered and revealed to Moses a stick, a piece of wood that lay upon the ground. He instructed Moses to throw the stick into the bitter waters.

As Moses obeyed, the waters were immediately made sweet and the people began to drink.

At once, their bodies, minds, and spirits were revived, refreshed, renewed, and restored. Then Moses led the people to a place called ‘Elim’, which had Twelve Springs and Seventy Palm Trees.

Prophetically, I believe that many have been embarking on this long and treacherous journey from Marah to Elim in this season.

Prophetically, many have been in the place where the waters have been bitter and undrinkable.

Spiritual dehydration has depleted many of vital strength, might, and power, hope and vision have been deferred, and hearts have become sick and weary.

“But wait”…! Fear not!

For God has heard the desperate cries of His People for divine intervention.

Watch! For He is about to reveal to you a new way, and an unexpected, yet simple solution, that will suddenly bring you forth into the place having Twelve Springs and Seventy Palm Trees.

Watch! Listen, and pay attention in this season, for The Spirit of God is speaking a Word of Instruction to His People.

If you will Hear, Trust, Obey and Follow His Leading, He will sweeten the bitter waters; He will Heal and reveal new Pathways that will lead you to ‘Elim’, the place where Radical Restitution, and Timely Restoration and Revival, can be made fully manifest, in and through your life.

I decree, in the days ahead, as you take your ‘Marahs’ to God (those bitter experiences, those things that have seemed impossible, irreversible, and irredeemable) and as you surrender them to Him, He will hear from Heaven and Turn, Reverse, Redeem, Restore, Renew and Revive every aspect of your life.

And that which once depleted you of strength, might, and power, and stripped you of your True Kingdom Identity and Authority will be fully Restored to you.

Look and see! In this season, He is leading you by a new Pathway, to the place having Twelve Springs and Seventy Palm Trees. It is a land of a great awakening to true Sonship.

As I personally mediated over this powerful Word for the month of May, surrendering all of my own ‘bitter’ experiences (Marahs) from the past, The Holy Spirit showed me the “Cross” made of wood.

There, a divine exchange took place on my behalf, where Jesus, my Saviour, shed His Precious Blood to Redeem, Restore, Renew and Revive every area of my life.

There He took upon Himself a crown of bitterness, in order that I may fully experience the sweetness of eternal life.

I give Him all the Glory, Honor, Power, and Majesty. He is The King of kings and LORD of lords.




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