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Will you allow the Lord to do a deep work in you this year to secure your foundation?

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The Lord gave me this prophetic word about 2022 in the middle of one of our corporate prayer meetings. The Lord spoke to me about this being a foundational year for so many in the body of Christ. You may feel as if you are well established in everything that God has placed in your hands to do but I truly believe that God wants to build so much more in and through your life. We are in a greater season and entering into a whole new time frame with the Lord in this season. The world is changing so fast and things are shifting quickly. The world and the culture have changed more in the last five years than it probably did in the 25-30 years prior.

Because of this major change and shift, God is preparing His people to be able to lead and advance His Kingdom in the earth like never before. In order for each of us to be in the proper position to do that, God must strengthen our foundations so that He can build greater in and through us. When the Lord spoke that to me about this it was unexpected because my wife and I personally are advancing, moving forward, and producing more than we have in previous seasons. However, I felt so strongly from the Lord that God wants to strengthen our foundation and your foundation because He wants to build more than any of us could ever imagine.

In order to build with us, the Lord must make our foundations more sure, deeper and wider so that we can withstand and sustain all that He does in and through our lives. If you know anything about building or construction of buildings in the natural, the taller a building is going to be the deeper the foundation has to go so that it can stand and be secure. I believe that this year that is exactly what the Lord is doing. God wants to use you to build greater and do greater for the Kingdom of God than ever before but first He must secure and strengthen your foundation. In the midst of stewarding everything God has already entrusted to you, allow the Lord to do some foundational work in your life, in your heart, and in your mindset so that He can continue to build more and more through your life.

When God puts a word like this on my heart, I know that it is not just for me but for so many in the body of Christ. You need to know that in this season God has more for you and wants to do more through you than you expect. Jeremiah 29:11 says that God has plans to prosper you and to give you a hope and a future. He wants to build and dream through your life. Will you allow the Lord to do a deep work in you this year to secure your foundation?

In this season, it is more important now than ever that you make your personal relationship with the Lord the most valuable thing and top priority in your life. I don’t ever want to become a professional at anything that I do for God. I just want to be a man who’s in love with the Lord, loving my wife and kids, and stewarding all that I am called to do. That is why I start every day off in prayer and ask the Lord to do whatever He needs to do in me to prepare me for everything He wants to build in my life. If you want to strengthen your foundation and be a stronger believer and person, you must be found in the secret place with the Lord.

What God is about to do in and through your life is only just beginning, it is the tip of the iceberg. What if the only limit in your life was yourself? There is no limit to God, so if you are walking in step with Him there should be no limit to you. I want to encourage you to allow the Lord to free you from any limitations you’ve placed on yourself. Allow the Holy Spirit to remove any unforgiveness, heal you from your past, and eliminate anything in your life or mindset that is limiting your growth in Him. This is a time to strengthen your foundation because God is about to build!




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