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Please read these words with my love and care for what you have experienced over these stormy, emotional months.

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I wrote the following reflection over two years ago for such a time as this. The words Covid19 or Coronavirus were not even heard of, much less household words over the entire world with its loss of employment, emotional trauma of fear, depression, divorces, violence, alcoholism, drugs, and the ultimate distress of suicide and death from the disease. The definition of trauma is “a deeply distressing or disturbing experience.” We all have experienced our own distressing or disturbing experiences during this time in 2020, some worse than others. Please read these words with my love and care for what you have experienced over these stormy, emotional months.


If I was talking to you face to face, I would ask you, “How are you doing? Is anything going on that is upsetting you? Is the family ok? Do you feel well?” You would then tell me, “I’m good,” or tell me of specific problems occurring. We would then talk about them, but our conversation would always end the same way. We would pray. Jesus is always the bottom line. Only He can make the changes we need for our lives. We have to take our concerns and burdens to Him.

So, since I’m not talking face to face with you, I’ll rejoice if you say, “I’m good, everything is fine.” But, if all is not well, I want to pray a prayer for you because remember, we are ‘all in this together’.

“Father, in the name of Jesus, I pray for those who are suffering losses in their lives, that You will comfort them. For those who have endured hardships and fears, You will give them strength, peace, and Your gentle love. For those who are needing instructions on what to do next, You will give them direction. For those who are in travail due to tragedy in their lives, You will soothe their aching souls.

For those who are in need of a friend, You will send them friendships that would build them up and help them to excel. For those who want someone to love, You will send them Your choice so it will be only good and they will flower like a vibrant rose. For those in need of finances, please send them Your supernatural provision and show them how to provide for themselves so, one day, they can help others in need. For those who are in need of employment, please give them favor to be shown by future employers. For those who want to start a new business, give them Your endowment of wisdom and courage. For those who need to draw closer to You, put a hunger in their hearts to seek You and turn their lives over to You. You always answer a seeking heart.

For those who are in constant fear, please give Your supernatural peace that surpasses all understanding and let them know why they are fearing so they can release their anxiety to You. For those who are feeling discouraged and depressed, give them the hope that only You can give to bring them out of their despair. For those who are experiencing sickness or disease, help them know why this malady has come upon them revealing to them how they can release all their cares upon You, forgive anyone that has offended them, and let Your healing power come upon them.

Precious Lord, for those needs I haven’t mentioned, please help them all. You know their hearts, thoughts, desires, hopes, and needs. Please accept their prayers and be their answer in their time of trouble, Amen”

Also, if this applies to you or someone you may know, I want to encourage those who are disappointed in God because of unanswered prayer, you must not leave Him because of your anger, disappointment, or hurt. You MUST hold on to Him. It’s hard to trust again, but remember, He gave His life on a painful cross for you. Just try with any amount of strength within you to pray and stay close to Him.

You WILL love Him again.

At one time or another, I have walked these paths and have prayed just about every one of these prayers, so, I know He answers our petitions. What I’d like to do is to exhort you to get to know Him and His faithfulness. He loves you beyond anything I can write. He will reveal Himself to you. He waits to hear from you.



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