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Establish His kingdom in your home and family first then take it to the world. 

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Some things I’m hearing and sensing for this new year. What I’m about to share may look like “old times” in a way but just in a modern world. 

Someone I trust told me they too are sensing and hearing the same things from the Lord in prayer. Much of this we, our family, are personally already doing but I feel it is corporate wisdom as well God wants to be shared. 

It’s time to live “offline” again for the majority of our lives. 

I encourage you to live local but think kingdom (global) for the body of Christ. Many are called to international occupations and ministries which include media and online interaction but they are still an important part of a local community. For the rest of us we must ask God what is it we are to be doing? Where are we to live? Where are we to work or serve in the world so we can bring righteousness and establish His kingdom here?  


These are things I’ve been hearing, sensing, and contemplating. 

•Seek God. Search your own heart. Build your righteous altars. 

•Time to “take inventory and clean house” in all areas of our life.  

• To be online less. (Where it is not necessary for what He is asking of us.) 

• Focus on unity in your home first starting in your marriage if you are married. 

• Have/Find real person-to-person community not so much online community.

• Show up places and be intentional. Build relationship equity – this takes time and effort and maybe even driving a distance. 

•Invest in building long-term in-person relationships –  to have effective and life generating personal relationships, to build His church, schools, governments, ministries and business networks, etc. 

• Remember what you love to do! 

• Be creative – Enjoy and use the gifts He has given you to connect with Him, to benefit in your own Spirit, soul, and body, and bless others with it. 

• Be intentional in creating and or being in a like-minded spiritually life give community – with God’s pure values and His kingdom principles/teachings at the center. 

• Work, serve, build local, and be involved in community. 

Basically – Go be in the world but not if it. Be a solution to the problem. Change your world and influence those around you. Establish His kingdom in your home and family first then take it to the world. 

Do these in this order. 

God – Family/friends – Church/Community – State – Nation…repeat. 

That’s a recipe for a good and Godly outcome! 


Let God define and dictate what success looks like not the world. Platforms and followers do not make you successful- it makes you seen. It’s the fruit of what you do with your exposure that will tell of your life, motives, and legacy.

I’m excited to see what He does with this new “old” structure way of living. I feel LIFE on it! 

I pray you seek God and examine these areas of your life. May He show you great and mighty things that await you and may He lead you in that way. Be strong and courageous in the Lord. Go change the world around you with Him! 



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