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God will raise up fiery ones, Nazarites, consecrated ones to bring change, to bring reset, and to turn people back to God.

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I was recently praying early one morning, and I heard the Lord say, “The fiery ones.” This word of course, immediately resonated with me in my spirit. As I continued to pray, I just kept hearing the Lord say “the fiery ones” again and again. Then I began to think of some of the ministers and friends I know that are on fire for the Lord, and I started praying for them.

Then the Lord spoke to me again, and He said, “There are fiery ones that no one has even heard of that I am going to move to the forefront because their fiery burning passion is for Me. Not for fame, not for glory but for Me.” Then I started praying for those hidden ones, the people who are burning in the secret place with God. I prayed that when the Lord elevates them that they wouldn’t be blinded by the lights of the platform or moved by attention from man. I prayed that they would be able to stay pure and that they would never care about anything that may come from being well known but that they would just remain as a fiery one for God.  

I believe that we will soon see these fiery ones emerge onto the scene in many different realms of influence. I see the Lord sending the fiery ones not just into the church and in spiritual places of influence but also in the other mountains of society. Whenever a nation, a state, a system, or anything is in moral decline or decay, God will raise up fiery ones, Nazarites, consecrated ones to bring change, to bring reset, and to turn people back to God. I see the Lord raising up fiery sons and daughters that will rise to the top of pro-sports, political offices, and other influential places. These fiery ones will know that promotion comes from the Lord, and they will never forget that the Bible says that God is a jealous God who shares His glory with no one. When the fiery ones arise, the only thing they will be focused on is the will of the Father, just as Jesus was. 

If you are someone who used to burn for God and you’ve lost that fire, I want to encourage you. This is your season. Get back in the place of prayer, start spending that set-apart time with the Lord again, get in the Word of God and let him reignite your fire! I believe one of the reasons I have stayed on fire for the Lord, even though it has gone up and down over the years but never out, is because I have committed myself to staying in the place of prayer. No matter what kind of season I’m going through, no matter how I feel or don’t feel, I get in the place of prayer, and that is where my fire is maintained. It is also critical to your spiritual life to get in the Word of God every day. You cannot help but get fired up when you are in the Word of God. 

The fiery ones are coming! The Lord is looking for those He can elevate in order to see His Kingdom advanced like never before. There will always be people that the enemy can use who have water buckets ready to put out your fire. Don’t allow the opinions of man, culture, manipulation, or money to tempt you into abandoning your fire. If a fire is going to keep burning, it must be tended to. Tend to your fire with prayer, fasting, and staying in the Word of God. Be strong in the Lord, surround yourself with other people who are on fire for God, and be a fiery one God can use in this hour. I declare over you today that you are a fiery one, and you will do great exploits for the Kingdom of God in whatever sphere of influence the Lord launches you into. This is the time and season that the fiery ones are rising!


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