Feet Fitted With Readiness

Wherever your feet have taken you, there is a place of honor where your feet can land and end up.

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What does this look like? There are lots of things spoken about our feet in Scripture–and the importance of them.  Our feet carry us to and fro.

Wherever your feet have taken you, there is a place of honor where your feet can land and end up.

Where is that, you ask? At the feet of Jesus! This place, a place of humility, is a new place of positioning. From the world’s view, it appears to be a low position, but it’s a high place in the eyes of Jesus. Firstly, it gets us in “eye-level” with Him as we sit with Him.

What did Mary do in this position? “She sat at the feet of Jesus–listening to what He said.” (Luke 10: 39)


There was a man that Jesus healed, who was demon-possessed and learned of a new position also–sitting at Jesus’ feet.

Don’t let accusations lie to you, thinking you can’t come close. The Accuser, Satan, is a liar, that will keep you FROM coming close. He will remind you of everything you have done wrong.

You have a place of honor waiting for you at the feet of Jesus. You are worthy to sit there! This place has a “Reserved For” sign with your name on it.

When demons had gone out, they found the man, set free, now sitting at Jesus’ feet.” (Luke 8:35)


In the Passion Translation, it says, “Mary sat down attentively before the Master, ABSORBING every revelation He shared.” (Luke 10: 39)

What are we absorbing? What are we soaking in? When I looked up the definition of “absorbing” it implied, “To take up the attention of.” This definition led me to ask: ” What are we preoccupied with?”


When Mary was sitting and listening to Jesus–she was preoccupied with Him and His words. She was in her home!

POINT #1: Be at home sitting at Jesus’ feet.

Let this place of position, position your feet to be made ready.

When the demon-possessed man, (who had a name that we don’t know) was set free from Jesus, he wanted to go with Jesus. However, Jesus told him to “Go home and tell how much God has done for you.” (Luke 8: 39)

POINT #2: Be at home with your testimony of how much God has set you free.

The Lord blesses the home of the righteous.” (Proverbs 3: 33b)

POINT #3: If you feel stuck at home right now, your freet are being fitted with readiness.

I used to think that “other than my place of home” was of greater importance. I learned that Jesus comes and visits our homes.  He goes where He is welcomed.  He loves families and home life.

POINT #4: Make your home a place of rest for Jesus; it’s the one thing that’s needed.

POINT #5: Be at home and at rest when he comes near. This is all preparation for being feet-fitted and made ready.

“When we choose this, it will not be taken from us.” (Luke 10: 42) Don’t let busyness take this away from you.

Honoring Sitting With The Lord,

Mary Beth Pecora

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