The Faith-Filled Steps of Christine Caine

Through her faith-filled actions, Christine Caine is displaying what it looks like to bring the Kingdom of God to a world of people in need of freedom, restoration, and peace.

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The first time I had heard the name of Christine Caine was at the Passion Conference of 2012 hosted by Louie Giglio in Atlanta, GA. The conference was a stadium event filled with about 18,000 young adults gathering together to encounter more of Jesus. When Caine was speaking, there was a strange stillness and silence from the large crowd from beginning to end as all eyes were locked on this tiny Greek woman who spoke hard, fast, and continuously in her Australian accent. She spoke with warmth, passion, and an exquisite sense of humor, drawing you into what she had to say. If that wasn’t enough, her message of justice pulled you to the edge of your seat where she informed the crowd about human trafficking being one of the fastest-growing crimes in our world today and the slavery of the 21st century.

The speaker, a New York Times best-selling author, activist, and member of the teaching and leadership team of Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia is greatly shaping and influencing the body of Christ today. Her single-minded focus on Jesus is evident in the way she brings the Kingdom of God to the Earth just as it is in Heaven. One organization that she is impacting the globe through is the A21 Campaign. She and her husband, Nick Caine, founded this organization in 2008.  A21 stands for “Abolishing slavery in the 21st century.”

Through this organization, they are operating in 11 different countries across the globe, have rescued hundreds of girls trapped in sex trafficking, have put dozens of traffickers in jail, opened up transitions homes for the ones rescued, and have created restoration programs for them. She made going after slavery a part of her life when she discovered human trafficking for the first time. In a sermon, she shared how she could not go on with life as a part of the Church of Jesus Christ while this fast-growing crime was taking place on her watch. She chose to take action, and the A21 campaign was birthed. Through this, she is showing what it looks like to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the world.

In addition to the A21 Campaign, the other organizations she and her husband have founded are Equip and Empower Ministries, Project Europe, and Propel. Equip and Empower Ministries has made Jesus’ command to make disciples of all nations a priority. With this command as their focal point, they inspire and help local churches, leaders, organizations, and individuals connect to their God-given potential and purpose through conferences, consulting, and leadership training as well as media, books, and audiovisual resources. Project Europe was started to change the staggering statistic that less than 1% of Europeans are Evangelical Christians.

Because of this organization, she is able to help build and support life-giving churches in Europe that reach the lost and see community transformation. They are reaching 25 European nations with on-going mentoring, leadership training, and development to churches and pastors. The final organization, Propel, is seeing women all across the globe activated, connected, and equipped to fulfill the God-given passion, potential, and purpose their lives were created for. In a society that is filled with definitions of what womanhood is, Caine is identifying what the Word of God is saying about women through this organization.

Through her faith-filled actions, Christine Caine is displaying what it looks like to bring the Kingdom of God to a world of people in need of freedom, restoration, and peace. Her life’s example calls believers to take the personal responsibility we have as the Body of Christ to not allow injustice of any kind to happen on our watch. Her small steps of faith make way for the faithfulness of God to create a global impact.

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