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The Awaken the Dawn conference occurred October 6th-8th, 2017 and was followed by the Rise Up Gathering on October 9th. Two attendees, Vickie Drake and Elizabeth Jones, recently shared their records of the event.

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The Awaken the Dawn conference occurred October 6th-8th, 2017 and was followed by the Rise Up Gathering on October 9th. Two attendees, Vickie Drake and Elizabeth Jones, recently shared their records of the event. There is no doubt that God brought them to Washington, D.C. to impact their lives. Now, they are hoping that their accounts of the event will prepare others for the movement of God that is sweeping through America.

When she first learned about Awaken the Dawn (ATD) and Rise Up, Jones was attending the Wild Love 2017 Conference at MorningStar Ministries in August 2017. As David Bradshaw, lead pastor of Fredericksburg Prayer, began sharing about the event, she realized how much she would love to be there. What set her plan to attend in stone, however, was the fact that ATD was hosting its meeting on the 20th Anniversary of Promise Keepers, which took place in 1997 at the very same location: The National Mall in Washington, D.C.

In addition, the Feast of the Tabernacles, the Jewish holiday, would be transpiring at the same time those in the U.S. would be congregating to worship and pray. “Those facts shook me to the core, and I knew in my heart, ‘I am here for such a time as this!’” Jones says. At that moment, she asked the Father to make a way for her to go, and He did just that.

Both Drake and Jones showed up to ATD with major expectation for the Holy Spirit’s arrival. They believed His presence would be tangible and would fall over those joining together in intercession. Neither was disappointed by the outcome.

Drake also recalls the unity of those that ceaselessly worshiped in the spirit around the clock for the entire weekend:

The people walked from tent to tent, taking the time to…pray over each state and share prophetic words and encouragement. It was a powerful time of interaction and unity…[and] a moving experience to see what a big spiritual family that I am a part of for all eternity.

Despite the rain, Drake remembers being impressed by the interaction among believers. She recollects that intercessors were glued to the ground as they cried out with immeasurable intensity to God for the nation. Others pursued the Father’s heart through “prophetic words and encouragement” or flagging (waving or dancing with banners) and painting.

Jones herself was flagging when she felt urged to move to the neighboring tent. She almost didn’t have the capacity for what she saw next: a man she had never met was painting an exact dream she’d had of the ATD event some weeks prior. “It was so powerful, I about fell over,” she enthuses. The man promised to send her a digital copy of the finished product and referenced Amos 3:7, which states that the Lord never does something until after He has revealed the plan to His servants and prophets. Later, Jones felt she could see thousands of golden horses, chariots, and riders cover one end of the Mall, riding at full speed through the group. “It was so real, like an intersection of earth and heaven at one time!” Since then, she’s asked the Father to allow her the ability to paint what she saw.

All in all, the two ladies walked away with a yearning in their hearts for God to show up in amazing ways.

“I believe readers should expect to see change across America in miraculous ways…God is faithful to His own, and He wants us to see that His love is real,” Drake expresses.

Each understands that prayer is an essential tool in preparing for His outpouring.

“I believe God wants us to stand in our authority as His children and take back what the enemy has stolen…I do believe the prayers on October 9th were not only powerful but effective!” Jones states. She says that prayers also went up for hidden things to be revealed in the light. Mere hours later, that declaration took root when some of Hollywood’s darkest secrets were exposed, and Jones knows that the Lord isn’t remotely finished with us yet.

Awaken the Dawn is consistently looking for ways to serve and spread the name of Jesus. You can frequently check their site for news, upcoming events, and ways to join the movement!



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