Everyday Discernment


The Importance of Spirit-led Decision Making

Written By Tim Ferrara

In a world of confusion, lies, and deceit, where sin is sugar-coated and compromise is popular, discerning what you should do can be hard. Yet, life demands we make critical choices. This inspiring, easy-to-read book guides you through the process of building successful discernment for your everyday life.

As you read, you will discover how to measure teaching against God’s Word, how to develop a life-giving connection with God, and the path to find clear direction from the Holy Spirit. You will also learn: 

  • How to discern God’s will in your finances, relationships, career, entertainment, social media and more.
  • How to distinguish truth from lies and right from wrong.
  • How to overcome the assault of an unbiblical mindset, which leads to compromise.

If you want to become more attuned to God’s leading and make sound decisions in key areas of your life, this book will equip you to do just that!

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Everyday Discernment Excerpt

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Tim grew up in church and has been a leader in many ways which include serving as Elder and Chairman of the Board of Directors. He has a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Arizona State University along with an MBA from the University of Phoenix.  He has had a career in business management for over 20 years. 

Tim started Discerning Dad (www.discerning-dad.com) as a way to write and encourage Christians to grow in discernment. Tim lives with his wife Jamie and their two children in Arizona.