Day 22: The Summer of His Face Shining Upon Us- Psalm 22

Day 22 – Join Johnny Enlow for a 67-day walk through Psalms.

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Key Verses: (2) “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me? Why are you so far from helping Me, And from the words of my groaning?” (v.1) AND “For He has not despised nor abhorred the affliction of the afflicted; NOR HAS HE HIDDEN HIS FACE from Him; But when He cried, He heard.” (v.24)

Key Theme: The Messiah Prophesied through David’s Parallel Journey.

Key Descriptives of God: “God, Even When I Can’t See You”; The One Enthroned in Praise; Ruler of the Nations

Well, what a chapter this is! This is the famous prophetic Psalm that would tell of the coming Messiah in the person of Jesus. Its’ 31 verses confirm we will have to leave some revelation treasures on the table. This passage is case and point on the 4 P’s approach to interpreting scripture. In the PLAIN view of Psalm 22 (context, context) it is telling us of David feeling “forsaken”, groaning for help, unanswered by God, being mocked for his trust in God, being surrounded by his enemies and then finally feeling relief from that sentiment. Yet the PROPHETIC nature of this chapter is unmistakable even to the most undiscerning “purists” of Biblical interpretation. 5 times David will identify a sentiment or treatment he is receiving that coincides with the exact same sentiment or treatment Jesus received as reported in the gospels. #1, “My God, My God why have You forsaken me?”. (v.1)   #2, “All those who see Me ridicule Me; They shoot out the lip, they shake their head saying, He trusted in the Lord, let Him rescue Him; Let Him deliver Him, since He delights in Him.” (v.7 and 8)   #3. “I am poured out like water.” (v.14)   #4. “They divide My garments among them.” (v.18)   #5. “They pierced My hands and My feet;” (v.16) 

Nowhere in this chapter does it plainly state this is a prophetic passage, but as it often does, scripture connects all but the last dot and hopes that with the Holy Spirit as Teacher, we can get it. Honestly, this one didn’t even require the Holy Spirit to do anything but keep us awake. The connection is unmissable. The third P, Parabolic is all throughout the chapter, but let’s consider the “snatch me from the lion’s jaws” of verse 21 as one of the many examples in this Psalm. All of this is then designed to have a 4th P, Personal lesson for us all. An obvious one is, even when we feel like He is not working, He is working (as the song goes). Again, I share the 4 P’s concept so you eat the full four-layered cake that scripture is and not just the one layer you could be reduced to by the Pharisees, oops I mean Bible hermeneutics and exegesis “experts”.(sorry I have that “edge” to me—getting better)


 I have heard taught that God did “forsake” Jesus on the cross because He had to because Jesus was carrying the sins of the world. It’s a workable and reasonable premise but if Psalm 22 is prophetic then it is not actually true. David and Jesus had a moment when they felt abandoned by the Father. He felt “far from helping” and their “groanings” seemed to be ignored. If you have not ever been to this place before consider it a sign that you have not been a Christian very long or that you have lived as a backslider :). I think 2020 for many has “helped” bring significant identification with this sentiment. There is a reason the song “WayMaker” has exploded in 2020, made famous by its lyrics of “Even when I don’t see You, You’re working, Even when I don’t feel You, You’re working. You never stop, You never stop working.” As we endlessly wait for the coronavirus pandemic/plandemic to end, and for the human traffickers and all to be exposed and stopped— we have needed that song. My God, My God, how long until you do something about what is being done to the children? If it is not for our own “abandonment” we have known to feel it for the children we have come to hear of. Blatant unimaginable evil has been exposed as perhaps no generation has seen and every second it remains undealt with weighs on us.


The response in verse 24 is so good. “For He has not despised nor abhorred the affliction of the afflicted.” It seems like it— but it is not true. Then, “NOR HAS HE HIDDEN HIS FACE.” This tells us it is possible for His face to be shining upon us and us not feel it. It is why we intentionally have to look for and gaze into His face. We have been doing that for 22 days now. If not we can lose perspective and be momentarily deceived. Was the cross a “disaster” or was it the greatest act ever on planet earth? Was the cross done by God or by the devil and his proxy? (Correct answer is the bad guys did it. Sorry Calvinists).Yet it turned out beyond marvelous. Satan has no greater regret in his thousands or millions of years of existence. I assume he slaps himself daily for not seeing how God was taking his “plot of all plots” and turning it into a new era for humanity. 


Something similar is happening today. Satan covered every base he could think of in his conspiracy against God and God’s present “anointed ones”. It was a brilliant conspiracy worked on for decades. He had back-up plans for his back-up plans for his back-up plans in his “brilliance”. The “loose end” he can never properly account for is God— and that despite how many millennia he has observed Him and His ways. He thought he had exploited some weakness in God that only he knows about and that’s the problem with being a liar— you end up deceiving yourself. Satan thought he had Him over a barrel and ready to make a new “power retention” deal, but God hasn’t even broken a sweat. The devil should have been listening to our WayMaker song. “Even when you can’t see Him, He’s working. He never stops, He never stops working.” The embarrassment Satan is about to go through is going to take him a few hundred years to recover from. His ace card is going to turn on him- but it wouldn’t have mattered anyway. God would have Trumped it. Our 2020 Passover has delayed more than we thought but DELIVERANCE/VICTORY/SALVATION/JESUS (all definitions for YESHUA) are all about to be evidenced. Where it is all headed to are the last verses of Psalm 22 and why the Messiah came to begin with.


“ALL the ends of the world shall remember and turn to the Lord. And ALL the families of the NATIONS shall worship before You. For the kingdom is the Lord’s and He rules over the nations.” (v.27, 28) 

Yes, yes, I know. Everything that requires faith to believe MUST be in the millennium. Why does it say after that in verse 30, “A posterity shall serve Him? It will be recounted of the Lord TO THE NEXT GENERATION.” Will this time of “the ends of the world turning to the Lord” also be multigenerational as it suggests? Why not? Why do so many Christians continually say, “You can’t expect/contend for things to get better, I have read the Bible and it all gets worse?” Really? Why is there no memory of the multitude of passages such as this one? When does Isaiah 60 take place? Isaiah 61? Habakuk 2:14, “the whole earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of God as the waters cover the seas?” Oh yes, yes, I forgot. Anything that requires faith to believe MUST be in the millennium. Well, hear it first here if you haven’t before. There is no pre-established limit on how much of the kingdom we can receive by contending for heaven on earth. There is no, “sorry guys, you will need to wait for Jesus to come back on that one.”  Even if there is, I would love the stigma of being “that guy” that thought that all things really were possible. I will gladly walk around heaven and have people point to me and say, “that’s the guy who thought cities and nations could be transformed before Jesus returned. He also believed Psalm 22:27 was a reasonable thing to contend for as a son of God.” I will take the mocking- but I am pretty sure it is not coming. When has anyone ever been told by God they should have believed for less? I know, I have gone too long today, but our Messiah did not give His life and shed His blood for a mediocre story ending. This is all going to something spectacular. Here in 2020, we are in a watershed moment for the kingdom of God on earth and His face is shining upon us for something monumental and historical on earth— with blessings on your families, and their children, and their children, and their children. Be awakened to that storyline and heaven’s “hall of fame” awaits you.



Written by: Johnny Enlow

Featured Image by chris ganser on Unsplash


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