Day 21: The Summer of His Face Shining Upon Us- Psalm 21

Day 21 – Join Johnny Enlow for a 67-day walk through Psalms.

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Key Verse: “YOU welcomed him back with success and prosperity. YOU placed a crown of finest gold on his head.” (v.3)

Key Theme: Victories/Joy over the Troubles of Psalm 20

Key Descriptives of God: God of Power

As I began to read Psalm 21 it immediately became obvious to me that this was for us a prophetic perspective for the year 2021. As we saw, Psalm 20 was very applicable for us in 2020, and Psalm 21 when read right after Psalm 20 is clearly on theme. This is what we prophetically have to look forward to in 2021 as we believe it, declare it and bring it into the now of 2020. Psalm 20 began with “In times of TROUBLE may the Lord answer” and Psalm 21 begins with “The king shall have JOY in Your strength.” God’s strength and power will be the focus of how everything turned around. 

We want to continue being immersed into David’s perspective of God. His God-view is one of Him with absolute POWER and one where He is heavily involved. He is not a distant God. As in all of his Psalms, God is the key player of everything and so HE, HIS, YOU, GOD are the compass point for every verse. David knows you orient yourself based on first seeing God.

 (On a side note, I am aware there is some disagreement on exactly which Psalms David personally wrote. I have looked into it and my view is that either David wrote the chapters or had someone pen it for him serving essentially as speech-writer, meaning David had to approve it. That is enough for me to consider it all David)


“He shouts with joy because You gave him VICTORY. For you have given him his HEART’S DESIRE.” (v.1,2) 

This verse proves that verse 9 from yesterday was not about King as in God but King as in David. The prayer was for King David to have victory. Now there is rejoicing because he has been given VICTORY and been given “his heart’s desire” which also connects to Psalm 20:4 from yesterday. I believe that this chapter and this verse are prophesying right into our present-day reality and we are going to see President Trump having VICTORY and his “heart’s desire” in the election. I have been capitalizing the word VICTORY because it is that same Hebrew word YESHUA that has multiple meanings and was JESUS Hebrew name. That word is mentioned again in verse 5, “Your VICTORY brings him great honor.” I like it that we could insert the word YESHUA there. “Your JESUS brings him great honor.” Maybe YESHUA/JESUS being twice in Psalm 21 speaks of us being in the midst of the Jesus Movement 2.0, and I do believe that will in fact be the case. We are seeing evidence of it even now as thousands are gathering in meetings on the beaches of California and elsewhere. More is coming. This will bring joy not just to the “king” but to us all.


“You welcomed him back with SUCCESS and PROSPERITY” (v.3) 

Does that not sound like a re-election? When I read this verse it registered in my spirit as a specific prophetic word regarding President Trump. SUCCESS and PROSPERITY registered powerfully as well as it speaks into his dual assignment against “the swamp” and on behalf of the United States (and by extension world) economy. If you are uncomfortable with “politics” mixing with the Psalms and you wish I would just stick with the Psalms- I AM! What do you think David is talking about here? 🙂 It is not “politics” though—  it is the mountain of government. This fundamental error of not seeing and interacting with “the God of ALL of life” is part of what He is wanting to correct in us. We are not called to be “salt and light” in and to our churches- it is in the 7 Mountains of influence, and government for sure being high on the list. We are just doing what David did by bringing God into government. May we never again consider it the “unspiritual” thing to do. President Trump is in a King David role of our day- but the stakes seem so much higher. 


“FOR THE KING TRUSTS THE LORD, And through the mercy of the Most High HE SHALL NOT BE MOVED.” (v.7)

 I was sent a most amazing video clip today where President Trump is sharing on the Lord and of a prisoner’s choice to trust Jesus with his life and how it changed everything. He was being an evangelist. President Trump trusts in the Lord. He talked about prayer, the power in prayer and our need for prayer. His policies are the most God-honoring by a president in memory.  It doesn’t necessarily mean he is as spiritual and deep as David was— but have you noticed David has had some pretty rough words for his enemies in these Psalms, falling substantially short of “loving those who despitefully use you” as Jesus modeled. We just saw in Psalm 18 David bragged of “grinding his enemies as fine as dust” and “sweeping them into the gutter”. Who does that sound like? Well, expect him NOT TO BE MOVED.


“For they intended evil against you; THEY DEVISED A PLOT WHICH THEY ARE NOT ABLE TO PERFORM.” (v.11)

 Does this verse sound pertinent? I truly am just amazed at how these daily Psalms have had so much relevance for us in what we are blatantly seeing. For those getting dreams about plots against President Trump including assassination attempts know that it is not a really significant revelation. That is the nature of evil against God’s anointed in government ALWAYS. (Now if you have high-level specificity with details on who, when, and where— then that information could be possibly useful. Generally, it is still about you dealing with it through prayer) The Psalm 2 dynamic of the wicked plotting against God’s anointed is ever-true, and the God-response of laughing at and then “rebuking” the plotters is also ever-true. Agree with and decree this verse into our present governmental circumstance.


“Rise up, O Lord in all YOUR POWER. With music and singing we celebrate YOUR mighty acts.” (v.13)

 This is how Ps. 21 ends. In the NKJV it says “Be exalted, O Lord in YOUR OWN STRENGTH.” GOD WINS PERIOD. He is totally self-capable of pulling off election victories, and pulling off judgment on “the deep state”. His “need” of us is greatly overrated and overstated. In eternity we will begin to see this clearer at how many times unbeknownst to us and without our participation, He rescued us. He does it over and over, personally, and over and over, collectively. However, part of His growing us up and maturing us as His children is to do things together. He never needs everybody— which is why the “America needs to repent” mantra waxes old. If God can’t move unless 350 million people repent then we are sunk. Throughout history, He has only evidenced the “need” of a person or a tiny remnant (Moses, Gideon, David, Nehemiah, Esther, etc.). Today in America, for God, He has massive participation in responding to Him. So much of His delay in showcasing all His power is connected to His patience with those in the process of awakening. He does want “Gideon’s 300” to turn into the overall “armies of Israel” joining in. As in Gideon’s day, it’s not that He needs the masses— it is just that the masses feel more ownership of the new victorious landscape when they participate in it. But in His OWN STRENGTH, He is so capable He asks us to have some worship anthems we can celebrate to during the season. May the soundtracks of revival and reformation “come forth” even in this Summer of His Love! The Psalmist starts the chapter with “joy” and ends the chapter with “celebration”. This is how we fight our battles.



Written by: Johnny Enlow

Featured Image by chris ganser on Unsplash


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