Day 20: The Summer of His Face Shining Upon Us- Psalm 20

Day 20 – Join Johnny Enlow for a 67-day walk through Psalms.

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Key Verse: “May He grant your heart’s desires and make all of your plans succeed.” (v.4)

Key Theme: Finding God in a day of trouble

Key Descriptives of God: He who Defends You; He who Grant’s Your Heart’s Desire; He who Makes All Your Plans Succeed; He who Rescues His Appointed King

It is only appropriate that Psalm 20, on day 20, of our “His face shining upon us” journey that it all starts with “a day of trouble.” Some commentators have this chapter being about THE “day of trouble” of some end-time scenario, but it is clearly much more than that. It was very relevant in David’s day and very relevant in our day. As per usual, the Holy Spirit does it again.

“IN TIMES OF TROUBLE, may the Lord answer your cry. May the NAME of the God of Jacob keep you safe from all harm.” (v.1)

The word “trouble” in Hebrew is TSARAH and it additionally means, “distress, affliction, adversity, anguish, tribulation.” I am guessing many of you can identify with that in 2020. The next two verses are meant to be seen together with verse 1.

“May He send you help from the SANCTUARY, and strengthen you out of ZION: May He remember all YOUR GIFTS, And accept your BURNT SACRIFICES.” (v.2,3)

I have capitalized the words NAME, SANCTUARY, ZION, YOUR GIFTS, and BURNT SACRIFICES as these are 5 reference points of help for you in a “day of trouble”. Let’s go through them one by one.

1) NAME: The Psalmist appeals to the NAME of God. In Hebrew “name” is SHEM and it also means “fame, reputation, and honor.” In difficult days we first appeal to Him for safety for His own name’s sake.

2) SANCTUARY: KODESH in Hebrew, meaning holy place. Help from the sanctuary is THE HELPER- the Holy Spirit. He is the roving holy place headquarters we look to for help.

3) ZION: Zion or Jerusalem to David is always going to mean the local embassy of heaven. The SANCTUARY is embassy headquarters but David can receive “strength” from heavens outpost/altar he had created on earth.

4) YOUR GIFTS: When appealing for help, your gifts and offerings are looked at as practical ways of showing where your trust is. When a cry of HELP! comes up, it is a way heaven can confirm authenticity.

5) BURNT SACRIFICES?: This is one of those clear places where for us we experience the benefit of the new covenant/testament. The “burnt sacrifices” were to cover sins that might legally “entitle” one to trouble. JESUS is who stands in that place having fully paid the price for all aspects of redemption. He IS our robe of righteousness, who as we acknowledge that, frees us from the consequences of our sins.

So in one sentence, you have HIS NAME, HIS SANCTUARY, YOUR ZION, YOUR GIFTS, and JESUS as advocates and enforcers of you and your nations needed rescue operation.


This is where we come to our key verse, “May He grant your HEART’S DESIRE and make ALL YOUR PLANS SUCCEED.” (v.4) So wow, could 2020 and its big “day of trouble” for us personally, nationally, and globally actually press us through a birthing canal into this wide place of HEART’S DESIRE and ALL PLANS SUCCEEDING? Yes, yes, yes! When “heart’s desire” and our “plans” are in alignment with the list of 5 reference points I gave then “a day of trouble” becomes “a day of victory.” Verse 5, helps us put it all together. “May we shout for joy when we hear of YOUR VICTORY, and raise a VICTORY banner in the NAME of our God. MAY THE LORD ANSWER ALL YOUR PRAYERS.” Can you believe that last part? Answer ALL your prayers? Could we be headed to “answered prayers” as never before because “trouble” has refined our properly aligned “heart’s desire”? I am telling you that YES this is where 2020 is going and it will become known as the year “His face shone upon us” instead of “a day of trouble”.

In verse 5, where it says, “May we shout for joy when we hear of YOUR VICTORY”, that word VICTORY in Hebrew is YESHUA (Jesus in Hebrew). Read that line again with JESUS in there! The word YESHUA also means “salvation, deliverance, and prosperity”. Jesus is our source for all three! SALVATION He did on the cross. DELIVERANCE is what we need now. PROSPERITY is where “our heart’s desire”, “all plans succeeding”, and “all prayers answered” converge. Can we turn “the summer of trouble” into “the Summer of His Love”? Yes, yes, yes again! What you focus on you make room for. Had enough TROUBLE? Get some VICTORY.


Verses 6-9, then speak right into our day. “Now I know the Lord saves His anointed”. David was calling himself the “anointed” because he was. Samuel had anointed him with oil to be king of Israel. To be anointed is to be specifically commissioned by God for a kingdom assignment. Every properly aligned son and daughter of God is “anointed” for a kingdom assignment. Know it vaguely or know it specifically- but know it. You want David’s NOW I KNOW. 

In these last three verses, David exults in the Lord’s rescue operation. “The saving strength of His right hand.” (v.6) Of the enemy he says, “They have bowed down and fallen; BUT WE HAVE RISEN and stand upright.”

In a 2020 “day of trouble”, THEY BOW, WE ARISE. Let THEY be “the swamp”, “The deep state”, pedophiles, human traffickers, anarchists, the present version of the antichrist, enemies of freedom— but especially, all the demonic supporting cast. BOW!


Compare verse 9 in the NKJV and the NLT. “Save, Lord! May the King answer us when we call.” (NKJV) and “Give victory to our king, O Lord! Answer our cry for help.” Do you see the dilemma translators have of properly discerning meaning? One thinks it is another cry to THE KING (God) to save us. The other thinks it is a cry to save King David. I believe the NLT got it right on this one (except OUR should be THE) but for David’s time and for our time as well. In context, David has been speaking of the Lord saving “His anointed” (v.6) (himself) and he is still on that theme. In the last verse he is pointing out that he is not just “anointed” but he has been anointed “the king”. The Hebrew word used there for KING is never used towards God but always a human king. The point for today? President Donald Trump has been anointed “the king” in our day. Even as David was anointed by the prophet Samuel, multiple prophets in our day, even years before he became president have verified his anointing to be “king”. David made many mistakes as king but never lost his assignment “anointing” and fulfilled his full term. The same is true for President Trump. He has one of the greatest assignment “anointings” ever given, as the enemies are greater than us. It is proper that we enter in intercessory agreement and proclamation agreement that God give victory with his assignments to “the king” of our day. God TRUMP the enemy with YOUR Trump card! 



Written by: Johnny Enlow

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