Day 12: The Summer of His Face Shining Upon Us- Psalm 12

Day 12 – Join Johnny Enlow for a 67-day walk through Psalms.

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HELP us do as we are told?

Key Verse: “Because of the oppression of the weak, and the groaning of the needy, I WILL NOW ARISE, says the Lord. I WILL PROTECT THEM from those who malign them.” (v.5)

Key Theme: Man’s Treachery and God as Rescuer

Key Descriptive of God: The NOW ARISING GOD

Though only 8 verses, Psalm 12 is packed with truth and relevance for our day. It is almost as if these Psalms were designed to speak into this most unusual and challenging year 2020. It all starts with a HELP LORD! from David which is a great prayer.

“HELP, Lord, for the GODLY are no more; the FAITHFUL have vanished from among men.” (v1)

This, of course, seems like a dramatic overstatement as David is prone to do. Today with all that is going on I am sure many of us have been tempted more than once to just let out a cry of HELP! Unique here though, David is not just discouraged by the evil people he expects nothing good from. He is having a hard time as it seems “godly” or “faithful” people are vanishing. That word “faithful” in Hebrew means “nourishing; to foster as a mother; to foster as father; to be carried by a nurse.” Such interesting definitions that we could apply today in several ways (failure or lack of foster parenting?) The faithful, nourishing, nurturing “godly” men seem scarce. Many have felt quite stunned by their church pastors and leaders as they have shown no “fight” to gather with their congregation— obviously often out of fear or “safety” concerns.

Pentecost Power to be Compliant? 

2020 has exposed the lack of courage and the consequences are going to be bigger than most imagined as the post-pandemic scenario will reveal. True Christian leadership has never been about safety and compliance first. Today it is the default behavior and it is disheartening enough to lead many to say “HELP Lord!” This time not just from the UNgodly challenges that are many but the lack of evidence of the HELPER. Having said all of this let me applaud the example of Che Ahn of HRock and HIM who is legally taking on the state of California as he shows true apostolic leadership. Apostles never think safety first. The Holy Spirit (HELP) was not poured out so we could be meek examples of compliance and “safety first”. It was to release boldness and power to be “witnesses” (Acts 1:8). The word “witnesses” in Greek is MARTYS from which we get the word MARTYR. Holy Spirit empowerment was for embracing risk of death.

The American church has had limited opportunities to display this type of boldness and so far is overall greatly failing with this test. This will be the scathing indictment of present church leadership particularly in hindsight when the “Wizard of Oz”  smoke and mirrors manipulation gets fully exposed. We have been shut down by shadows from behind a curtain. Even now, the data reveals that this “deadly virus” has a 99.4% survival rate (normal seasonal flu rate) for those who even get it—  and that rate goes higher every day as more and more test. The hypocrisy of the whole masking and social distancing mandate is glaring. If it works then why can’t we meet and go about business (and get in election voting lines) as normal, while doing that? If it doesn’t work then why force us to do both? Meanwhile, our church leaders say “Can’t we do the loving thing? You can worship at home and meet online”. Funny how pre-pandemic that was considered abandoning the Biblical mandate to “assemble”. Believe me, many are getting it— if worshipping at home and doing church online is legitimate Christianity during hard times (about to go into 6th month) then it is legitimate at all times. The church was already abandoning the building before all of this. Somebody better show some kingdom mettle. I understand this can be more complicated in other nations – but here it is a main constitutional right and a foundational pillar of this nation. During the brutal Revolutionary War fought in the midst of a much more deadly smallpox outbreak there was no masking, no social distancing and church continued to meet. But of course, no “Wizard of Oz” could get on social media back then.

It is all good though as this present test will surface the new edgier “church wineskins” and the new out-of-the-box and edgier leadership. Yes, they will be known by love— but love not missing its key ingredients of power, risk, and courage. John 3:16 does not read, “For God so loved the world that He masked and socially distanced.” Instead in the midst of the pandemic of sin, He risked all and gave all. HELP us, HELPER, with some kingdom guts (and yes, I wanted to use the other word). 


Another truth. In verse 7, David speaks of the Lord preserving the oppressed from “this lying generation.” Verses 2-4 are all about this. “Neighbors lie to each other”, “flattering lips”, “boastful tongues”, “We will lie to our heart’s content”, “our lips are our own— who can stop us?”. Or as another version says, “We will triumph with our tongues.” The “mainstream media” is clearly the vivid example of this. They believe if they can keep flooding with lies they will triumph— in their evil-aligned agenda. This is the known problem for 2020. In the year 5780 of the Hebraic calendar with the emphasis on the word PEY, meaning “mouth” or “breath”, we find the mouth of twisting Leviathan quite active. The Lord spoke to me through a recent dream that once 2020 is passed we will realize that most of what we thought was going on this year was a lie. Truly a Wizard of Oz scenario. Fake everything. This is the year Leviathan tried to sweep the world away in a flood of lies. Notice I said, “tried”. I already count him as having failed. Just make sure YOU are clearly free of the lying spirit and agenda.


Our key verse of the day comes in here. “I WILL NOW ARISE, says the Lord.” The lying agenda has been key in advancing “the oppression of the weak” and “the groaning of the needy”. Many of you know about it. If you talk about it on social media you will get censored by the big “boastful tongues” of our day that go by harmless-sounding names such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google and Instagram. The war of the day is being fought here and not on traditional battlefields with tanks and soldiers. It too gives the illusion of it not being war- when the truth is millions more are dying and “groaning” from this non-conventional war than from traditional war. Suppression of cures, suppression of dangers of certain foods and drugs, suppression of secret death agendas, suppression of needed corruption exposure, and the connected promulgation and promotion of every kind of evil and corrupt politician, influence, and “influencer” is what war looks like today. People keep saying “We might be going to war” — and some responding “Oh, I hope not.” WE ARE AT WAR! I have not cast down scary dreams because I think all is safe. I cast them down if they don’t show God at work and God winning. But yes, it is war. Millions are being enslaved and millions are being killed. Abortions, vaccines, drugs, contaminated food, and water have literally been intentionally and strategically weaponized to kill. In fact, the death machinery is so extensive that the Lord is now in the midst of executing a huge RESCUE OPERATION from heaven. The original OPERATION RESCUE of Randall Terry was rescue from abortions. We are living out RESCUE OPERATION. This is where God saves America and by extension the whole world from a sophisticated and long plotted abortion of destiny— that was going to include many natural deaths. He has heard the weak and the needy. He has heard the children. Everything you are seeing played out in society here in 2020 is because this RESCUE OPERATION is in place. God is now arising so we may now arise.


Verse 6 says, “The Lord’s promises are pure like silver refined in a furnace seven times over.” This means that this promised RESCUE OPERATION as well as your personal promises from God that you have held onto are headed to a time of fulfillment. Have your promises from God been so tested and refined that it just feels like they are going back in the furnace over and over and over? Well, here is the good news. There is an end in sight. Something important has been secured with every excruciating delay. We are about to be rescued from the lying agenda regarding our promises as well. The NOW ARISING GOD is doing just that.



Written by: Johnny Enlow

Featured Image by chris ganser on Unsplash


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