Day 67: The Summer of His Face Shining Upon Us- Psalm 67

Day 67- Join Johnny Enlow for a 67-day walk through Psalms.

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Psalm 67; ROSH HASHANAH 5781!

Key Verse: “May Your Ways be known throughout the earth, Your salvation among all nations.” (v.2)

Key Theme: His face shining upon all nations.

Key Descriptives of God: Merciful; He Who Governs the Nations with Justice

We did it! We have arrived at our desired destination! We gazed at His face for 67 consecutive days as He asked us to and it was life-sustaining and life-changing. We focused on Him and surprise! —  more of Him became flesh in us. Boy did He reward us! No more fear of fear! No more yielding to dread, anxiety, or worst-case scenarios. David modeled for us and gave us his “key” on how to be daily under duress while being daily in YESHUA. Jesus, Victory, and Deliverance!


We enjoyed God and life right in the midst of riots, fires, mayhem, hurricanes, pandemic, wildfires, lies and more lies from mainstream media, being censored on social media, fear porn everywhere, and that not even getting into the personal challenges and contradictions each of you had. We found out things don’t have to be all perfect in order to have peace and joy and hope and love and presence within. What a most valuable life lesson. So ANTIFA, Marxism, Communism, Nazism, and general evil may not go away quietly and perhaps are still going to fight back. Well, praise the Lord anyway! As a song, I learned back as a kid said— Hallelujah Anyhow! It was a song about “never let the devil get you down” and when life’s challenges come in “Just lift your head up high and sing, Hallelujah Anyhow!” I think now that it was a more powerful song than I realized. Arm yourself now with “Hallelujah Anyhow” and you can stay above the dread-line all through the end of 2020— come what may. Psalm 67 will confirm to us that it is the best that is yet to come and not the worst. Everything bad that comes will end up being swallowed up by a much greater and more powerful good— and I mean here IN THE LAND OF THE LIVING. He is the God who delivers us either FROM, THROUGH as well as AFTER and so we will not bow to fear and will give ourselves only to raging hope.


The 67 itself is very powerful. The 2017 eclipse “path of totality” across America, from sea to shining sea, was 67 miles wide and looked like a seat belt when seen on a map. As I said then, it is a Psalm 67 promise over our nation. In 1967, Jerusalem was suddenly and unexpectedly restored to Israel after 2000 years. In 1967 “the Jesus Movement” began. In Bob Jones’ vision of Gulliver the giant (“the Body of Christ”) being awakened and arising across the whole eastern half of the United States, he said that Gulliver had been asleep since 1967. That for us, day 67, from 7/14 (2 Ch. 7:14) would take us to the first day of Rosh Hashanah 5781 (Feast of Trumpets) is quite significant. We enter a new day. In the NKJV the chapter is headlined by “A Doxology”. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! We are at the end of something but there is no retreat as we head into the new. In YESHUA we go only from glory to glory.


12 times in just 7 verses the words “nations”, “whole world”, “the earth”, or “people everywhere” are mentioned. This is what marks this new day in this new year. Nations will shift this year as we have never seen before. We are already seeing almost unbelievable peace treaties and accords take place and believe me this is just the beginning. Don’t be one of those who says “beware when they say peace, peace” as this has been used by believers to continually sabotage pursuits of peace. He is still the Prince of Peace and the Bible still says “Blessed are the Peacemakers”. Oh yes, the enemy will himself be working to sabotage peace as he always does but let’s not assist him. Beyond the recent peace tokens, there is just so much good about to be rolled out among the nations that most of us will be in incredulity about it. Wasn’t the new world order just about to take us down? Weren’t we all about to go into next level bondage and death? Well, yes it was, BUT GOD LAUGHED! Then He made a move— and now He is going into full derision, followed by a divine rebuke to the impostor powers. He’s coming after the nations and woe to those who stand in the way. 


“May Your WAYS be known throughout the earth, Your SALVATION among all nations.” Both of the capitalized words are significant. His WAYS speaks into the Reformation of society. It goes into a Hab.2:14 reality of the glory of the knowledge of His ways covering the earth as the waters cover the sea. His SALVATION speaks of what we might call Revival. As we have learned the Hebrew word for “Salvation” is YESHUA and it means Jesus, Victory, and Deliverance. It is all a bowl that overflows now and it is for ALL NATIONS. Want to know why it is so intense out there? This is why. He is not giving the nations to Lucifer’s “new world order”. ENOUGH! He is bringing in “new kingdom freedom”. He has always been more about FREEDOM, than ORDER. When we finally get that in our churches as well that will be something special. Remember, Lucifer is the author of fear-based ORDER. Where the Spirit of the Lord is— there is FREEDOM. Even God’s “social justice” is about punishing those who violate others’ freedoms. Preserving and demonstrating His WAYS on the public stage of the 7 mountains are a next priority. Let HIS WAYS versus Marxism be highlighted and compared before all nations and all people. They will choose HIM. HE is the desire of the nations, both as a person and as a way of doing things.


“Let the whole world sing for joy, because You govern the nations with JUSTICE, and guide the people of the whole world” (v.4). Almost every verse of this Psalm 67 invokes the nations to praise Him, be glad in Him, or sing to Him with joy. It seems so unrealistic apart from the return of Christ huh? Or at  minimum “in the millennium” which is the magic dustpan, we sweep everything into that requires faith. Whether it gives you cognitive dissonance or not this is directly ahead of us in the KAIROS time of God. What is next is not all final “end-time scenarios” playing out. That is the error of every generation that has missed out on what God had for them. Kingdom DEMONSTRATION is next. Heaven’s SHOWTIME is next. Serving and loving God is going to go global and be very popular. No, it is not the end— just what’s next. And it is going to be multigenerational. You are not to plan or process final “end-time scenarios”. That would be giving yourself to speculating. The Jesus-mandate is “occupy until I return” not “speculate on when I will return”. Psalms 18 is next. Isaiah 60 and 61 is next. Much of Hab. 2:14 will happen by a generation or two or three. By 2050 I was shown that 50 nations would operate primarily to the light of the children of God. 


“Then the earth will yield its harvests, and God our God WILL RICHLY BLESS US. Yes, God will bless us and people all over the world will fear Him” (v.6 and 7). This ending of Psalm 67 confirms the above joy among nations will not be just an event but an extended period of time. “The earth will yield harvests”, plural. Multigenerational cycles of the blessing of His face shining upon us are coming next. The kingdom of God is sweeping in and it is highly disruptive. “The swamp”, the NWO, the Illuminati, the “deep state” etc. are not just all rearing their ugly heads because they are evil. They are in deep panic. They are being massively disrupted right at the execution moment of their ultimate power grab. They thought the God-box was checked off. They had crowned Lucifer ruler of the earth and submitted to all his requirements and he had given them power. God was not to be worried about because His people were so clueless, so easily led into sin, so easily distracted. As in Noah’s days, the “righteous” had again failed the Creator and these evil ones were the new flood. They forgot about Jesus. His blood spilt on earth is what demands attention from the Father. Jesus asked the Father for the nations and He agreed to give them to Him. That “debt” to Jesus is now to be paid. The kingdom is being generated by a pact between the Father and His Son. The earth can never again belong to Lucifer and his past hold was just temporary. The River of God has been measured another 1000 cubits in-depth (about a third of a mile deep) as it shows us in Ezekiel 47. This is PLENTY of water. They never thought they could lose. And now massive, desperate panic. They know it now. They can not co-exist with the next measure of the incoming River of God.


It all began with the song “The Blessing” sung by Kari Jobe and others. It is a song that came right at the start of the quarantine. It came together entirely from the Psalms with Psalm 67:1 being a highlight verse. “And cause His face to shine upon us”. It has gone around the world into multiple languages. It carries the heart of our God for us in the midst of a year of great challenge for the nations. There is a reason the line “on your family, and their children, and their children, and their children” was so powerful. This is what He is preparing us for and how He wants us moving forward. Embrace His new script! 

This has been a wonderful journey. You will still hear from me especially after the 10 days of Awe leading to Yom Kippur. We will see what new pastures He has for us all. I feel His love for all of you and I feel my own love for all of you:)

May His face shine upon us as He blasts His trumpet over us today. Remember it is a feast and not a fast.


Written by: Johnny Enlow

Featured Image by chris ganser on Unsplash


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