Empowerment from the Wilderness

Jesus’ ministry began by walking straight INTO the wilderness. He walked straight into testing.

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Remember the words of John the Baptist: “There is one coming more powerful than I whose sandals I am not worthy to untie.” (Luke 3: 16)  John continued, “I baptize you with water, He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire. (Luke 3: 16)


     “One day Jesus came to be baptized along with others. (Luke 3: 21) Did you see the humility of Jesus? He didn’t exalt Himself–He mingled with the people, probably stood in line like the rest of the people, awaiting to be baptized.

 “As He was consumed with the Spirit of prayer, the heavenly realm ripped open above him and the Holy Spirit descended from heaven in the visible, tangible form of a dove and landed on Him. Then God’s audible voice was heard, saying, “My Son, you are My beloved one. Through you I am fulfilled.” (Luke 3: 21-22, TPT)

Prayers open the heavens! Jesus had been praying.  The Passion Translation says this: “To have the power of the Spirit (dove), we need to have the nature of the Lamb (Jesus).”

This picture is beautiful of a dove resting on a lamb. Although Jesus had the Holy Spirit from his immaculate conception, at His baptism He received the abiding presence of the Holy Spirit to fulfill His ministry.

The fullness of the Trinity is seen here.  Jesus (Son of God), Holy Spirit, and the Father: The Fullness of the Godhead. Through Him, and only Him, we are fulfilled.


     We see the union of the Trinity, but we also see the connection of John the Baptizer with Jesus. They both connected in the womb when their mother’s connected. So now, they are to be connected to the people, to mankind.

“Freely we receive, freely we give.” (Matthew 10: 8)

The fulfillment of God Almighty comes when we are being fulfilled in our purpose and destiny, IN Christ.


At age thirty, Jesus began His ministry. Old Testament priests could not begin their ministry until they were thirty years old. It is, in addition,  the biblical number of maturity.

Where did this fullness lead Jesus? Straight into the desert–the lonely wilderness of Judea.

The leading of the Holy Spirit is not always bringing comfort and ease. We are often led to those places to be proven, tested, and strengthened for our ministry.

After Jesus’ greatest affirmation from heaven, came a great time of testing.

Comfort, comfort my people, says your God. A voice of one calling…Make straight in the wilderness a highway for our God…And the glory of the Lord will be revealed, and all mankind together, will see it.” (Isaiah 40: 1, 3-4)

Jesus’ ministry began by walking straight INTO the wilderness. He walked straight into testing. He walked straight into temptation, to bring us OUR comfort! He brought a double portion of comfort to us. He says “comfort” two times, repeating it for emphasis.

He endured forty days of being accused by the accuser, Satan, denying Himself even food. He was making a way.


       IN Christ, our destiny and purpose are fulfilled.

His suffering declares us free.
His testing declares us an overcomer.
His battle brings us comfort.
His straight path is my right path.

“I will guide you in the way of wisdom and lead you along straight paths.” (Proverbs 4: 11)  Straight paths are the right paths.

  •      If your path seems long, you are being comforted in your wilderness, in your desert because straight paths are being formed.
  •      Being a forerunner will take you places before others arrive. John’s ministry began in the desert. Preparations for Jesus’ arrival were conceived and formulated within their connection.

What is God asking us to step into, to prepare for other’s arrivals? Who is God connecting you with? Our paths are being formulated and developed just like John’s were,  just as Jesus.

Still Being Developed,

Mary Beth Pecora

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