Expect the Lord to dethrone some things, eliminate distractions, and remove people from your life that are being influenced by the enemy.

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I was recently in a time of prayer and I heard one word, “Eliminate.” As I continued to pray the Lord then said, “I am about to show up in people’s lives. I am about to show up in people’s homes, sweep through church services and eliminate everything that is holding people back.” I believe that this word is for myself and so many others in this season. The Lord is calling us to hold on, not grow weary, not give up or back up because God is about to move.

The word eliminate means to completely get rid of or remove something. I believe this is such a powerful word that describes exactly what the Lord is about to do in this hour. Many individuals, families, and churches in this nation and in the nations of the world will see this word come to pass. There are situations and circumstances where it seems like some things may overtake or destroy you but the Spirit of God will stop it. You will not be overtaken or destroyed; God is with you! The Lord is about to sweep across so many areas and eliminate limitations and roadblocks so you can move forward with Him. Things that have been holding you back season after season will no longer be there to keep you in delay. The Lord is about to completely remove and get rid of those things and situations that have kept you from everything He has called you to do and be. The Lord also showed me that the way He is going to move in this season will not look the way we are expecting. However, when He does move it will shift and change everything!

In this season, I believe the Lord is moving so much behind the scenes. Many expect and assume that God will show up center stage in the spectacular. However, oftentimes God moves and the world, and those who are not in tune with His Spirit are unaware of it. Do not be one of those people who are unaware of what the Lord is doing. Make sure you are leaned in, listening to hear from the Lord, and ready to move on His word. Then when He pulls back the curtain and things are fully manifested you are ready and prepared! Being properly positioned is such a vital part of staying in step with the Lord and a part of what He is doing so do not be caught unaware or unprepared! Expect the Lord to dethrone some things, eliminate distractions, and remove people from your life that are being influenced by the enemy. The Lord is moving on your behalf to eliminate the things and influences holding you back!

I want to encourage you to keep spending that time with the Lord, stay in the Word, keep standing on your prophetic words, and keep making declarations in faith! If you will remain diligent with the Lord, the Holy Spirit will come in and eliminate things from your mindset, life, and circumstances so that the things of the past will stay in the past and you can run after all that God has for you in the future. We serve such a good God and a powerful God. He wants to destroy anything and everything that is standing in the way of the abundant and powerful life He has for you. Think about what your life would look like if those one or two things that have held you back were eliminated. How would things be different? How would things change? How would your life and your mindset be reshaped? What would your life look like? I want you to think about that because it is about to happen! Get ready for God to do what only He can do and to eliminate whatever is standing in the way of your purpose and destiny! Get ready for the Lord to eliminate so you can accelerate in this season!


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