Eight Years of Mercy and Miracles

We will be prepared and purified during these eight years as a beautiful bride, burning lamp, and glorious temple.

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I recently had the Spirit of the Lord come upon me in a powerful way that brought me to trembling and tears. When this happened I heard the Spirit say that Hanukkah 2021 would be the start of an eight-year period of “restoring the temple.”

Where believer’s lamps have gone out and lives have been defiled and in disrepair (like the temple during the first Hanukkah)— miraculously oil will be provided and his people will burn again. We will be prepared and purified during these eight years as a beautiful bride, burning lamp, and glorious temple.

I saw that many were feeling overwhelmed by their “lack” or the awareness of personal shortcomings— yet, our loving and merciful Heavenly Father will come and restore his temples and miraculously light his lampstands. I saw that this Hanukkah will begin an eight years period of miracles and mercy. During this time the Lord will be seen as the merciful and miraculous Savior that he is. His bride will be glorious and her beauty will be revealed.

We will know that “in Christ” we have no lack of shortcoming that his mercy and Grace has not provided for. The words, “Not by might, nor by power but by My Spirit” will become a manifest reality that leaves us in awe and wonder at his loving-kindness.

This year Hanukkah begins the Sunday after America’s Thanksgiving holiday (November 28th- December 6th). I sensed that he is bringing awareness to this so that we can begin now to enter into thankfulness for what he is about to do— and WHO HE IS.

What a good Father and merciful Savior we have! There is no one like our God!



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