Eden, Eve, and Eternity

Start focusing on giving gratitude to God for what you have and not what you perceive to be missing.

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Eve was given every possible desire of a woman. God crowned her the beautiful daughter of creation and placed her in His garden of Eden. I don’t think there could be a worldly platform much higher, on this side of heaven, that any of us could dream up.

Now the man called his wife’s name Eve because she was the mother of all the living. Genesis 3:20

She had everything:






Significance and Purpose

She was holy and beautiful in God’s eyes.


Yet, she doubted.

She took her eyes off all that she had and was tricked into dwelling on what she perceived was missing.

She wanted more.

She wasn’t content.

She thought something was absent in her life.

She was fooled.

Then she failed.

She lost her focus on all that surrounded her.


Instead of serving God…

Instead of trusting God…

Instead of waiting on God…

She wanted to be God.


Today, our broken relations with others and God is the result of the same sin and human disobedience. Just like Eve, we continue to disregard the God who made us. As Eve’s human daughters, each of us has inherited her same sinful nature. Satan wants us to focus on our flaws and our insecurities. He wants us to be constantly tempted. He wants us to doubt God. He wants to trick us.

He wants us to fail.

However, we all need to remember that God’s promises are the same today as they were yesterday. Even in the middle of punishing Eve for her sin, God made a promise of redemption. Our Father, in the same breath that rebuked, gave a loving and complete way for us to reconcile with Him. The blood of Jesus would cover Eves’s sin as it does ours today.

So, stop comparing yourself to others. Start focusing on giving gratitude to God for what you have and not what you perceive to be missing.

Also, remember the higher the platform the further the fall. God’s best work can be achieved in the most solitary of situations. Usually, what appears to be better or more significant is only a deceptive worldly idea. I am afraid that, as the serpent deceived Eve, by his craftiness, your minds will be led astray from the simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ.


We are all Eves.

We all behold her God-given significance as women.

Each of us holds a part of her within.

We are all complete and all of us are redeemed.

We are secure.

We are loved.

Our lives have purpose.

Don’t be fooled in the garden of your mind.

Satan seeks to destroy and separate. Hold on to the promise God gave Eve in the garden.

He will make a way.

Jesus made the way.

For He is the way.

He is eternal.

Lord Jesus, We pray that we will not give in to temptation today but seek the help of your Holy Spirit and proudly choose to walk only your ways.


Prayer: An Invitation (Dietrich Bonhoeffer – Adapted)

O God, help me to fully accept your invite,

and concentrate only on you:

I cannot do this alone.

In me there is darkness but with you there is light.

I am lonely but you do not leave me.

I am feeble in heart but with you there is help.

I am restless but with you there is peace.

In me there is bitterness but with you there is patience.

I do not understand your ways but you know mine.

O God, restore me to liberty

and enable me so to live now

that I may answer before you and before me.

Lord, whatever this day may bring,

may your name be praised forever.




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