Eagles as a Prophetic Sign

Those who have an eagle anointing operate differently than other believers.

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The Lord recently spoke to me and said, “You are about to see eagles in places you usually do not see them.” I knew immediately that the Lord meant two different things by saying this. I believe the Lord is sending actual eagles to specific regions and geographical locations as a prophetic sign that He is about to send spiritual eagles to those places.

Spiritual eagles are often those that operate in the apostolic and prophetic. Those who have an eagle anointing operate differently than other believers. Eagles can fly higher and see more than any other bird. Spiritual eagles are the same way. They see things from a heavenly perspective and have more vision and insight than others may have. The Lord uses those who function apostolically and prophetically to give direction, revelation, and key insight to the body of Christ to take their cities and regions for the Kingdom of God.

Just a few days after the Lord spoke this to me my wife, Autumn, called me one afternoon to tell me that she had just seen an eagle! Later on, the same day my mother called to tell me that she also saw an eagle. Eagles are not common or native to our region or area. I knew this was a prophetic sign that God was about to raise up and send apostolic and prophetic voices in our region to see Heaven invade earth.

So, my friends, look for the eagles! Look in the natural for the Lord to send eagles as a prophetic sign to your regions that He is about to raise up His own eagles in the spirit to advance the Kingdom wherever you are! Eagles do not consume or touch anything that is dead. Those with an eagle anointing are like the Nazarites in the Old Testament that refused to touch anything dead. The eagles that God sends into different geographical locations will not associate themselves with dead churches or ministries. You will find apostolic and prophetic people where the life, joy, and river of God is flowing in a region. The Lord is about to use those graced with apostolic and prophetic giftings to shift the spiritual atmospheres of cities and regions.

If you are an apostolic or prophetic person, get ready for God to elevate you in your own city or region. I believe the Lord is also about to send you on assignment to other places to do Kingdom work. God wants to use His eagles to shake many out of complacency and dead, dry religion. What God is about to do in America and the nations of the world will be sparked by spiritual eagles who know God’s heart for different territories and locations. We are about to see an outpouring of God’s spirit like never before. Get ready for it and look for eagles in places you do not usually see them. Now is the time for the eagles to arise!


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