Dream: The Swamp is Ready to Burn, and America is about to PEAK

I am very encouraged by this dream.  I believe this is a timing dream about where we are, and what is about to happen. 

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In my dream last night, I was with ‘Vanquish Special Forces’ graduates.  We had all gathered in a large house on a high hill and were conducting prayer and prophetic assignments together.  After a ‘season’ of prayer,  I lead our group outside to look at the ‘landscape’ of everything we could see from our hilltop.  

As I lead our group out, I realized that we had stepped into a swamp. However, I noticed and even said to my team “All of the weeds, and swamp entanglements have been moved out of the way.”  I looked and noticed that neatly stacked piles separated by weed type, branch and stick type, and even certain strange swamp/ seeds had been gathered in preparation to burn.  

Next, I walked with my team through a clear path in the swamp to a clearing on the hill and pointed to a mountain.  I knew in the dream that I was pointing at Pikes Peak, which is called ‘America’s Mountain’.  I said to the team, “Get ready everybody, we are about to see the clouds part, and the mountain peak will visibly break through the clouds.”  Suddenly the clouds broke apart and the Peak of America’s Mountain was seen by all.  We cheered and stood in awe as we saw this beautiful sight.   – Dream end.  

I am very encouraged by this dream.  I believe this is a timing dream about where we are, and what is about to happen.  The swamp/ deep state/entanglements have been removed, and are now in their respective piles ready to be ‘burned’/ brought to justice.  At the top of Pikes Peak, the song ‘America the Beautiful’ was written.  I believe we are about to see America Peak. God’s righteousness, His beauty, and the destiny of America break through the cloud, the witchcraft and satanic government that has held our land for so long. Rejoicing is coming!!      


When the righteous thrive, the city rejoices, and when the wicked perish, there are shouts of joy.” Proverbs 11:10




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