Dream: The Spiritual Significance of the American Flag

The flag represents the blood of men and women who died in honor, to uphold ideals they believed were just and righteous.

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In a recent dream, I was driving through the southern, middle, and northern parts of America.  I was struck at how almost everywhere I looked I saw the American Flag waving from light poles, the front, and backs of vehicles, house porches, people marching & waving it along streets like a parade and more.  

It seemed as if I was traveling in a non-stop parade across America and captured by the amazing view of American flags waving everywhere.  

In the dream I suddenly had a prophetic revelation from the Lord–  “those who honor the flag are honoring the purposes of God for the land.”  I also knew that this was a controversial statement.  I said out loud “The church is often so religious, they don’t understand the significance of anything outside the four walls, especially the Godly purpose of nations.”    

Then I said:  “if people wave the American flag with honor, even if it has nothing to do with God himself, God will honor the nation” — in the dream, I was wrestling with the theology of what I just said, and then another prophetic revelation came to me:  

“The flag represents the blood of men and women who died in honor, to uphold ideals they believed were just and righteous”.  I then heard this from the Lord:  “I honor their sacrifice”.     

Then I thought, “well God hasn’t America’s flag been used for many injustices and evils as well”?  

I heard this:  “My name has been used for many injustices and evils too”…  “but its the blood of the one who honored my name that is spiritually applied to my name” —  

I knew when He said this, that the blood of those who honored the just and righteous causes of America was credited to the flag.  


Lastly in the dream, I knew two things: 

1) Nations were not made by man, but by God.  Every nation was given a redemptive purpose and calling, and it was up to its leaders to govern, and steward unto these purposes.  

2)  If Americans honor the flag in this time, it will have a spiritual effect on the unity of the nation, and the presidential elections.




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