Dream: Red Shoes are the Key to Win the Race

A call to take a stand in the victory of the blood of Christ, and in the revelation of our communal covenant.

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In a recent dream, I saw that a massive race was about to start with runners from all over the nation.  I was looking for the right pair of shoes in a store that would be effective to run the race as to win it.  I saw an array of colorful shoe options, but I knew none of them were appropriate to run this race.  Until at last, I saw the only pair of red shoes. I said, “these are the key.”  

I ran to put them on and realized that they were size 7, which is 2 sizes too small for me. However, I instantly knew in the dream that these size 7 shoes were made to conform to the size of the foot of anyone that put them on. I heard the starting gun go off and the race start, but I was still getting the shoes fitted on my feet.  At that moment I had another revelation, these red size 7 shoes also gave the runner an ability to accelerate to the front of the ‘pack’ even if they start the race late.   – Dream end. 

This dream reminded me of a conference I did last year with Lou Engle called the Great Communion Revival. I was prompted by the Lord to buy red shoes for this conference as a prophetic statement to take a stand in the victory of the blood of Christ, and in the revelation of our communal covenant. I believe God gave me this dream, as a ‘Key’ for His family right now. 

We are being invited to run to win. Thereby releasing and manifesting, Christ’s victory over, sin, sickness, death, hell, and the grave.  This dream indicates that God will meet you right where you are and accelerate you into the destiny where you need to be.  You are not too late!!  

The prophetic key is to have our feet ‘shod’ with the readiness of the gospel. To have our lives fully identified in the covenant of His blood being reminded daily through communion of the victory and power we have in Christ. When God gives a secret key- let us use it!   The Great Communion Revival!


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