Dream: General Lee and Our Masonic Ties that Bind

I believe the core message of this dream is a wake-up call to the Church concerning the masonic vows made at a critical time in our nation’s history and the curses they continue to bring on our nation.

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In a dream, I see a balcony where dignitaries sit to watch something below. I look at a small wooden side table and see a hole left by a stray bullet. I also see a wooden chair beside it and the lower cushion also shows the remnants of a bullet hole. These are aged furnishings and I know they are part of a historic event and I’m reminded of their significance.

Then I’m approached by an older bearded gentleman wearing a dark blue military suit. In the dream, I immediately know he’s General Robert E. Lee. He picks up the seat cushion and holds it in his hand while looking intently at me. Then he starts coming closer and I’m starting to feel very uncomfortable. He seems to be positioning himself to do something for some unseen camera. He leans into my face and kisses me on the lips. He actually repositions himself to make sure he does it right and that it gets recorded. I feel his kiss and it’s hard and hollow. His lips are actually formed in a perfect circle, and I feel its pressure on my face. The hard and wrinkly “kiss” is held there in place in some sort of symbolic gesture.

I woke up and briefly pondered the dream, asking the Lord what it meant and why He would show me such a thing. I fell back to sleep and had another dream where I heard several people talking about what I saw and then I heard a woman say “Freemasonry.” I woke up, again, and immediately understood the dream’s purpose.

In this dream, I believe we are being given numerous clues about a time in history when something transpired in the spiritual realm. The Holy Spirit is not only exposing some unholy alliances made at that time but calling us to renounce and break some covenants and vows made in our nation’s history. These vows and agreements have blinded the Church in this nation for generations and caused many to miss what is actually taking place in the heavenlies.

General Lee is usually pictured in historical photographs in a light gray suit as a leader in the Confederate Army. In the dream, his military outfit was dark blue. As I thought on this, I heard the word, “turncoat.” He’s not who he appeared to be. Though some historians hail him as a war hero, others see the bloodbath he was responsible for in the final days of the Civil War. It is only when one digs deeper into his associations and alliances, that questions arise concerning his true motivations as a military commander. I believe the Lord is pointing to these realities.

The most prominent clue in this dream is the “kiss” he gave. Not only did it feel staged and strategically planned, but it was also highly unsettling. I believe this provocative gesture that was pressed upon me symbolizes a dark reality about the General and those he represented.

General Robert E. Lee was a known Freemason, as were many military leaders in our nation’s past. With the lasting impression of his hard and circled kiss on my face, I immediately thought of how the Freemasons use their fingers to form a circle around one of their eyes. It represents the “all-seeing eye” that is core to their cult and signifies their allegiance to this dark agenda and its globalist vision for the nations.

I believe the kiss in the dream symbolizes forced compliance upon the Church to this “Brotherhood” of Freemasonry; an unholy covenant, which is still having negative repercussions in the spirit. As we have been praying for “eyes to be opened to the truth,” I believe that some masonic vows to the “all-seeing-eye” have spiritually blinded us to the truth. The Holy Spirit is pointing us to these past agreements that need to be nullified and renounced in order to break the spell of spiritual blindness over the Church.

To verify what was I sensing, I did a quick online search. I found some very interesting details that shed further insight into this specific time in history, and the masonic connection between General Lee and this nation.

I quickly found several articles about a “cornerstone box” that was recently found at the very base of the General Lee monument in Richmond, Virginia (my home state), that was removed last year due to protests. This box, found underneath the base of the monument, was not meant as a time capsule to be unearthed, but a ceremonial placement of artifacts by the Freemasons at that time.

The contents in the box include numerous masonic records and papers, along with some bullets and wood fragments, still being researched for their significance. The purpose of this cornerstone box being placed underneath General Lee’s statue may be reflected in the prayer offered by a Freemason at the time of the base’s dedication in 1890:

“Most worshipful grandmaster, I hereby accept these implements of operative masonry, and I pledge my best ability and skill in seeing that this structure is erected according to the designs of the sculptor and plans of the architect. I trust that this monument may rest upon its foundation as firmly as the veneration of the great chieftain is rooted in the memory of our people.”

The “architect” mentioned in the prayer is not merely the physical architect of this monument but is a reference to the “Great Architect of the Universe,” the false god of this Luciferian cult. The plan to firmly embed the tenets of Freemasonry in one of our founding states is fairly clear. Numerous papers were included in this box from the Grand Lodge of Virginia, which was the first and oldest independent masonic lodge established in the United States following the Revolutionary War. There was also a book detailing the history of General Lee’s church, the Monumental Church in Richmond, which was designed by the same architect as the monuments in Washington, D.C. Many believe these monuments to be masonic icons and symbols of a shadow government. Thus, the placement of these artifacts suggests a symbolic “beginning” in establishing a “new order” of masonic rule in this nation. (Lee was also a contemporary of Albert Pike, the author of Morals and Dogma of the Ancient Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, considered to be the definitive book on Freemasonry in America).

It was the setting of this dream that also suggests another piece of the puzzle. It was on a balcony with a cushioned seat and bullet holes surrounding it. I knew it was referencing an attempt to kill someone important. I immediately thought of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln – which happened only one week after General Lee’s surrender at Appomattox, Virginia. Though there were no stray bullets when Lincoln was shot in the head at point-blank range, the dream may suggest there was a larger plot to kill the president, perhaps even other unsuccessful attempts.

But what would a connection between General Lee and President Lincoln represent? An interesting artifact found in the cornerstone box from the Lee monument was an engraving of the deceased Lincoln in his casket – an extremely rare and odd addition to this collection. Many have questioned why this reference to a dead President would be inside General Lee’s cornerstone box. Why would the Freemasons include a token of Lincoln’s death in a monument to this military general? Was it to honor the President or mock him? Were there hidden agendas and subversive plots at work behind the scenes that not only determined the conclusion of the Civil War (with General Lee playing a key role,) but also ended the President’s life?

I believe some perspective can be found when understanding the vast network of “The Brotherhood” and their infiltration into this nation – especially our government. As more and more truth is being exposed about the public figurehead leaders that we’ve followed, versus the true kingpins behind the scenes, it is apparent that much of our history has been skewed. There has been a carefully crafted narrative established to form an ideal of our government leaders and their supposed care for our nation’s welfare.

What is being discovered is a dark plan of this Brotherhood to manipulate our laws, defy our Constitution, and remove any godly authority from the land to establish their own agenda for world domination. Because of secret vows made within Freemasonry to protect fellow masons from prosecution regardless of crimes committed, election outcomes, legislative decisions, and even national security, have been compromised. Though the exact relationship between General Lee and President Lincoln may never be verified in any documentation, I believe the dream simply points to these hidden alliances and motivations that have steered our nation’s course for decades and been the cause of many national upheavals. It is time for the Church to awaken to these realities and deal with them.

In terms of General Lee’s connection to the Church, he was Episcopalian. Many articles can be found online about his faith, though with differing perspectives concerning his personal beliefs and practices. What is consistent, however, seems to be his own determination to practice his faith and values throughout his military tenure. Unfortunately, by making vows to Freemasonry, Lee automatically forfeited his faith to the Brotherhood cult. Whatever noble intentions he may have had as a Christian, they became poisoned by his agreements with the Great Architect of the Universe. Whether knowingly or not, his allegiance to Freemasonry compromised his faith and his legacy. In essence, Lee “married” his faith with his masonic vows. But just as I felt in the dream, this kiss of agreement was anything but warm and fuzzy. It was cold, hollow, and hardened by an unseen enemy.

I believe the core message of this dream is a wake-up call to the Church concerning the masonic vows made at a critical time in our nation’s history and the curses they continue to bring on our nation. It is a call for believers to prayerfully consider any vows or agreements that have been made with Freemasonry in their family’s past and cut the ties that bind.

Personally, I never knew I had any connection with Freemasonry until I had two prophetic dreams in 2010 that revealed, through a word of knowledge, a masonic curse placed upon me in my childhood. It turns out I was baptized into a church that had been dedicated by the Freemasons in that community. I had been “sprinkled” in baptism, “into the church” and that’s all the enemy needed to claim an open door into my life. Previous to this dream, I had experienced several unusual head injuries as well as increased marital conflict with my husband, the head of our home.

After the dream, I did some research and found some specific masonic vows dealing with “the head.” Once I renounced those vows and broke any spiritual ties to that church where I was baptized, I experienced immediate relief and we had breakthrough in our marriage. I found that the devil is a legalist who will claim the smallest detail as a legal right to harass and torment his victims through masonic curses.

Following my own deliverance from these masonic vows, I compiled all the research I had done into one concise document and added prayers of renunciation. Because Bobby and I felt so strongly about these spiritual strongholds, we held a special Sunday evening class for our congregation to learn more and then take them through a series of prayers of renunciation. Not only were individuals and couples greatly impacted, we were able to take a stand as a church family and renounce any ties or associations to Freemasonry.

I am including this 27-page PDF document below (at no cost), which outlines the origins of Freemasonry, a scriptural context, and detailed prayers of renunciation. Please prayerfully read and consider any open doors in your own life that need to be shut to Freemasonry. Feel free to share with others.


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